Writer’s Block: What To Do To Get Past It

It took less than 90 days for me to get “The Block” (writer’s block)— and now I am trying to get passed it.

Let’s face it, I am not a writer. I rarely outline these posts and I usually throw them together with duct tape in the last waning hours of the day. In fact, it is rare that I get up and write a post in the morning.

But in the last couple days I have sat to write and….mental crickets. I have even done the dreaded Google search on “how to get through writer’s block” — that seemed to make it worse.

So here I am — in the the midst of not having the words to get onto the page.
That being said, here are three way I am trying to get beyond the block and back to writing:

Take a break

I know the professional writers out there have a daily writing goal. I’ve heard Stephen King writes a 1000 words a day — every day. I guess that is what makes him, well, him. I understand the discipline of it — I get that. Sometimes the juvenile “but I don’t wanna” is not a good enough reason. I know there are not a thousand people reading this, but one day I will revisit my posts, and I did not want to read a post and know I was writing just to write — I want to write with purpose. So I stepped away from the keyboard and “refilled my cup”. Which brings me to my second suggestion.


Since I did not produce anything over the last couple days, I thought I had better at least consume and learn something. I picked up some old copies of books and blog posts that were in my “read later” stack and began sifting through them again. I also searched out material on subjects I needed to learn more about, but never got around to it. I am not sure if it there is mental plaque build up when you write, but consuming good quality reads was the mental floss I think I needed. I just needed to loosen things up a bit — and that leads me to my final suggestion.


When I first started writing thing blog, I had set a goal to exercise on a regular basis. This included a daily running goal. Well, between cold temps and a tricky Achilles tendon, that has been derailed. A few night ago I began a simple workout. (For you fitness folks it is a short interval workout — 45 seconds work, 35 seconds rest where I alternate between burpees and planks. I go about 12 rounds, which is about 60 burpees) It is not a crusher of a workout, but it gets the blood flowing.. Which helped get my mind going too.
These 3 suggestions are probably not going to make my writing any better but I hope they helped me get back in the saddle.

What do you do to get past writer’s block?

michael aldea go left marketing imageJan Michael Aldea is a jack of all trades finally making good at being well rounded. His background in marketing, consulting, business coaching & training, real estate, fitness, parenthood, marriage, and life makes Michael ill equipped to be in a cubicle, but very equipped to help transform people and companies one (sometimes humorously awkward) step at a time. He is the president and director of business development for Go Left Marketing based out of Charlotte, NC.

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