I will preface this post with this admission – I’m a huge geek. I think I’ve always been geeky, but I’ve been able to hide it behind the veil of sports and fitness. But as I age, the tougher it gets to hide my true self. So this post will exploit my geekiness, but stick around, this stuff really does apply.

Recently I dragged my family to see the newest release from Marvel, Avengers: The Age of Ultron. Earth’s mightiest heroes assemble again to take on a psycho robot. In the midst of this movie, my wife looks at me and says, “We should do a blog post about this”, which translated into plain English, “Michael, you’re a big enough nerd to write a blog post about this.” So here it is. I’m not saying you need 6 different people with these traits, but having these skills on any team will put you in a position to win more often than not.

Why you need an Avengers-style team around you


Captain America – Uncompromising Integrity

captain america

We should all be so lucky to have someone on our team like Steve Rogers aka Captain America. Beyond his super human skills, the thing that makes him irreplaceable is his ability to not compromise his values, in any situation. Why is this important? We will all face a time in our lives when the easy way, or the path of least resistance, will beckon us – usually for a short term gain. But this will only lead to heartache and possible financial ruin. Knowing and sticking to your organization’s core values is vital is a world where situational values are far too common. Have someone like Captain America on your team so that you always know where polar north is – and your team and organization won’t get lost.


Tony Stark/Iron Man – Innovative Risk Taker

iron man figurines

If Captain America is your moral compass, than Tony Stark is your engine. He is the genius who is usually the smartest guy in the room – and isn’t shy about it. But the main reason why you want someone like him on your team is he isn’t afraid to take risks – and it’s why he is endearing to movie fans. We all wish we could be comfortable taking the kind of risks he takes. Does he fail – yes. But even in his failures, he discovers something about himself and improves. Either be this person or make sure there is one on your team and you will stay in front of your competition.


Thor/Hulk – The Brawn

hulk avengers

It’s always fun to see power displayed on the big screen and these two characters use it to pummel everyone and anything that gets in their way. But on your team, you need characters like Hulk and Thor for sheer output, work capacity, and tenacity. You see, these two guys stick to a job until it is done and toss aside (or go through) any obstacles in the way. You and your organization will face adversity and stiff competition – you’re going to need mental (and maybe physical) toughness to succeed.


Black Widow/Hawkeye – The Specialized Jack of All Trades

hawkeye and black widow

These two are the wild cards on the Avengers Team. They aren’t enhanced or protected by anything except their ability to do a lot of things well. In fact their “specialization” is that they are fantastic at a lot of things that most people can’t even think about doing. In today’s economy, having someone on your team who is versed in many aspects within and outside of your industry will not only set you apart, but it will allow you to see trends and solutions that “experts” may be blind to because their skill sets are so limited.

Now – just because you have all the pieces in place doesn’t guarantee success – there has to be someone driving the bus and making the final decision. But if you have these skills and/or surround yourself with those who do, you’re bound to find success, no matter what the challenge.

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