Why is content important and how can I create it? If you’re a business owner, marketer, entrepreneur then this question has probably crossed your mind at least once. When it comes to online business today, content marketing is a cornerstone for attracting customers and maintaining a customer base. Why? Because no one wants to be interrupted. I can’t tell you the last time I sat through and watched or listened to a commercial in its entirety – there are just too many other options pulling at our time and attention. Below you will read what is content marketing is and why content is so important.

Why is Content Important and Three Ways to Create It


Content marketing is the publication of any type of content from text to video in order to attract and retain customers or clients. One way that content marketing is essential for businesses – especially online businesses – is that it can draw traffic to the business’s website. For example, a real estate company that posts links to relevant content to social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook can encourage people back to a landing page where, in exchange for some information, they get access to that content marketing. What’s great about this is the business can determine which types of content is most effective.

Content marketing and content is important because it is very effective. If done correctly, it accomplishes one of three things:


Assists, Educates & Entertains

If your content does one of these three things, your audience (hopefully) will have a final takeaway once they’ve finished “consuming” your content. An example of this is tutorials or how-to’s – this can continuously assist your clients. In fact, once you create a tutorial, it can be used over and over again by new and previous customers. Content can also spread important information that’s relevant to your industry. If your content is truly helpful,  your customers may even bookmark or share it via social media. Remember that your content should be directed towards your audience and engage them to take some sort of action, whether discussing with friends or sharing it via social media.

Three easy ways to create content


Join in related communities

Online forums display total views and comments on threads so it would be easy to identify the popular content. But just make sure that you scan the responses up to the original post in order to validate the content. And when borrowing content, always rewrite it in your own words.

Browse relevant news and editorial sites

News and editorial sites are great ways to find new ideas for content. This type of content also allows members to give opinions, making you participate less but can read infinite answers from them.

Leverage events

Making events is an easy way to create a variety of content for your online community. You can write a blog post before or after the event with a description and link to where members can register. At the end of the event, automatically redirect members to a discussion forum where they can continue topically related Q&A with the presenters. It allows you to receive sources for content.

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