Have you ever felt like beautiful people get more attention because they are sooo attractive? In fact, beautiful people do get more attention. The same applies to a beautiful website. If a web site is offering 1 million dollars to anyone who clicks a button, but people are visually turned-off, they won’t stay long enough to see or notice it. An online dating profile is similar to a website landing page, because it’s all about attracting the right person to your brand. Here are the dos and don’ts of creating a dating profile which can easily be applied to creating your enticing website.

Why having a Beautiful Website Matters? Hot Design Tips From Dating Website Profiles


No Selfies

You are building a professional website, so hire a professional to take your “about me” or “meet our team” pictures. At minimum get someone who knows how to handle a quality Canon or Nikon digital camera. The next step is a no brainer, smile in those pictures. A smile is inviting and shows that you’re happy to be there. Then customers will readily visit and use your services.

Avoid Clichés

I’m sure you are the best at what you do –a claim made by many businesses. Highlight your USP. Don’t say, “Best Wings in the City,” but rather “From mild to inferno, our wings bring the flavor.” Now you stand out over the “Best Wings in Town”

Pictures are Worth a Thousand Bucks

Are you a business that deals with the outdoors? Your website should have some great scenic shots with tents or trimming trees. Do you run a hair salon? Include shots of a stylist shampooing or dying a client’s hair. The website for your business will benefit greatly if prominent action shots are incorporated.

Be Honest

Lying is an ugly quality; remember you are trying to attract customers. Don’t put false claims on your website. Brag without embellishing the truth. If customers find out you have been dishonest they will be disappointed and lose trust in you.

Trust me, I’m Beautiful

It’s a proven fact that people assume beautiful people are automatically trustworthy. The same goes for your website. We’ve all been to those sites where is looks like a toddler put it together and thought this can’t be the company’s real website. The basic unrefined look immediately turned you off. Take time to design your site. First impressions last. Welcome visitors to your website with an appealing color palette and a captivating headline. They will be intrigued enough to click on additional links to explore your website.

Proper Grammar is still important

Brains are an attractive asset. How can you show off your brains with your website? Avoid typos and grammar errors. So the grammar nazi doesn’t contact you because of your incorrect use of “there.” Perfect grammar is required for a completely polished look. Emoticons on a professional website are not the way to go, unless your brand is aimed at kids. Chat acronyms should be left for the tweens and teens.

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