What should you pay for a website? When you want to build a website for your business, it can be difficult to figure out how much it should cost. Websites aren’t products or things – they’re living projects that usually require a team of people to build because a good website brings together aspects of visual design, programming, content creation, marketing, and user experience design.

What Should You Pay For a Website?

When you ask yourself “How much should I pay for a website,” it really depends on two main factors: how web developers choose to price their work and your business’ needs.


Web developers use several different methods to establish their pricing:

Some developers use an hourly rate, depending on their experience and location. If you outsource this type of work to overseas workers, you might pay as little as $10.00-$40.00 an hour. If you choose a well-known, high-quality developer based in the US, you could be paying upwards of $200.00 an hour. With this method, you typically get what you pay for.
Many web designers will quote you a set price for your project, once you’ve provided a thorough brief and list of requirements. They’ll break down each section and ask you what features and specifications you would like. If you want to know in advance exactly what you’ll pay for a website, and you have strong vision of what you want, this is your best option.

Some web designers offer package rates that are typically cheaper than a bespoke, custom-designed website. These designers usually have several pre-made websites, and then they try to see which one is best for your business. If you want to add customized features, you’ll have to pay extra.

There are some designers who will charge a flat rate per page. This can range from anywhere from $50 to $200 a page. This is usually for brochure-type websites without interactive features.

Your Needs

Your business’ needs determine the complexity of the project. More complex, involved projects will require more time and resources to complete, and the price will rise. Ask yourself the following questions.

Do you want to just get your name out there?

When we think of websites for a business, we generally think of brochure sites: pages that tell potential customers about your company and your services. These sites generally aren’t very interactive, and the focus is on advertising, graphic design, and lead generation. These types of websites will cost less to build.

Do you want to sell your products and services online?

An E-commerce site can be very simple or very complex, depending on how many products you’re selling, and the level of customization for your products.

Do you want a solution that will make your business run smoothly?

A corporate website, even for a small to mid-size business, requires interactive features, database integration, more complicated frameworks, and custom page templates. You might need an intranet for your employees, or an extranet to track vendors or customers. The more interactive a site, the more back-end programming it requires to make it fast, easy to use, and scalable. These types of websites will cost thousands of dollars because of the complex programming and design work involved.

Is this your first website, or are you re-designing an existing one?

If you’re looking to build your first website, it’s important to find a web designer who can understand your business needs and your branding. You might want to consider paying more to hire a firm closer to home, rather than an offshore team, because you will need help understanding how visual design, marketing, user experience design, and programming can help you meet your business goals.

If you want to re-design or improve your current website, keep in mind that web standards change rapidly. You might need a complete rebuild to support greater functionality, new plug-ins, or mobile-responsive design. Enhancing your website can also include re-branding, refreshing or updating the design to make it feel more “current,” adding new content, or improving your conversion rates. If your website doesn’t need to be completely rebuilt, a price quote should reflect the lesser amount of programming required.

Do you need support after the website is built?

You’ll have to determine what kind of support and maintenance you’ll need once the website is live. Firms know that support can be a time-drain, so they will be very specific. Will you need just email support or actual training to take advantage of the site’s new features? How much support will your need in the future? Many firms will consider discounting their prices if you retain their services or return to them for further projects.

Don’t forget!

There are other factors you need to consider when determining what you’re willing to pay for your business website.

  • You need to buy the domain name!
  • You will pay a monthly/year price for a webhost.
  • Plug-ins and extensions that add functionality usually involve licensing fees and yearly updates.
  • If you use stock art for your images and graphics, you will have to pay for those licenses as well.
  • It’s important to consider additional marketing and SEO to improve your visibility and generate leads.

Feeling overwhelmed?

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