I always thought of myself as a warm bodied fellow. Or maybe it was because for 70% of my life the winters were mild enough for me to play golf on New Year’s Day in slack and a golf shirt. In fact, last year (my family’s first winter in Charlotte) was the first year I ever shoveled snow.

But now that I’m working from home my favorite accessory (and my wife is going to laugh at me) is…wait for it….a space heater.

It throws off just enough heat that my toes don’t feel like they are going to fall off but not too much that I pop a sweat while I work. But then I think about it, the only reason I need one is because my house is inefficient.

There’s not enough insulation. The windows aren’t sealed. The HVAC is older than I am. All these inefficiencies add up to a cold home and me using a space heater.

What other “space heaters” do I have in my life? What do I put in my life to cover up inefficiencies or character flaws? I’ve got one — loose clothing. How about in networking and staying connected? I’ve got one — email (pick up the phone already, right?).

Just like the space heater at my feet, if I fixed some fundamental things I wouldn’t need it.

Then again — I do like good socks, I could just get more of them to keep my feet warm.

michael aldea go left marketing imageJan Michael Aldea is a jack of all trades finally making good at being well rounded. His background in marketing, consulting, business coaching & training, real estate, fitness, parenthood, marriage, and life makes Michael ill equipped to be in a cubicle, but very equipped to help transform people and companies one (sometimes humorously awkward) step at a time. He is the president and director of business development for Go Left Marketing based out of Charlotte, NC.

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