Sometimes we all need a reminder that your website is not a crock pot where you set it and forget it. Yes, I know you’re just thrilled that it launched and you can focus on something else for a while, but walking away from your website after launch is a really, really bad idea. Attracting traffic to your site, whether through content marketing, blogging or ecommerce is the goal. But if you aren’t producing content or giving it a refresh then what is the incentive for visitors to give your site a second glance? Here are some tips on keeping a website updated after launch. 

Tips on Keeping a Website Updated After Launch


Make sure your current promotional items are highlighted first

Go through your current marketing campaigns and make sure your website is aligned with them. All new products and/or campaigns should be clearly promoted on your homepage, blog page, sidebar or within a landing page that can be reached easily on your website.

Visit your site often with “visitor eyes”

We often forget that when we designed our site it was for our visitors, not us. So make sure you check back frequently with that in mind. Especially if your industry changes frequently. Does the content speak to your audience? Is the layout in need of a bit of an inspirational update?

Check for broken links

This happens more often than you probably think. And it’s no bueno for SEO. Google hates broken links. If your site is on a WordPress platform there are free plugins such as Broken Link Checker you can install that will check your site for broken links. Easy peasy.

Update the photography every 6-12 months

I am a lover of photography. I go through the house every year and update the picture frames with new photos of our family and friends. So what makes your website any different? Replacing your header images makes a huge difference with the overall appearance of your site. Try visiting sites like for free stock images to use. See, now there’s no excuse to not do it.

Refresh your menu item titles

Your main menu could be something like “About, Contact, Services, Pricing”. Try changing the page titles in your main menu to “What We’re Like, Say Hello, Things We Do, Purchase” to give your returning visitors the curiosity to click through to each page just to make sure they haven’t missed something.

Re-read and update the content

  • Go through your site and update your testimonials or add new ones.
  • Thoroughly check the homepage for outdated content and contact information
  • Refresh your blog sidebar call-to-actions
  • Research ideas for the latest WordPress plugins to add new functionality that can improve the value of your site. Here are the most popular WordPress plugins.

Spend the money to have it SEO optimized once a year

Go Left Marketing has partnered with Boostability to offer Search Engine Optimization and local online marketing tactics that will put you on the path to getting more business. Their services work so well because they complement the way consumers now gather information and make buying decisions: using search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. For best results you should optimize at least once per year.

Keep up with web design trends

Don’t leave this up to your web developer. As a small business owner you should also follow web design blogs to keep up with current design trends. We recommend, and

Create a content marketing strategy

Perhaps the most important tip yet is developing a content marketing strategy. There are many ways this can be accomplished, and can be effective with even the leanest marketing budgets. Remember all of your content marketing needs to offer value and provide information that empowers the reader.

  • Develop a marketing strategy complete with a budget and goals.
  • Design landing pages that require contact information in exchange for an eBook, consultation, etc. Free is always best.
  • Blog, consistently and creatively. Write content based on your industry and what your audience is searching for. If you’re a realtor then you should be blogging about tips on how to improve the value of your home, what rooms should I stage if I want to sell my house, which neighborhoods in Charlotte are the most kid-friendly. You get the point.
  • All boosted and paid social media ads should drive traffic to your website, not your competitors.
  • Get your email marketing in order and automate it. Drive those emails straight back to your blog posts.
  • Give, give, and give some more. Then follow up gently with asking for business. If that doesn’t work, give away some more.

What tips do you have? Leave them in the comment section below.

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