There is a lot of bad advice for Realtors out there about marketing. It doesn’t take much of a Google search to see it all, either. Real estate marketing is one of our passion niches because I have a background in both real estate sales and marketing. So when I see or hear about downright crappy real estate marketing techniques, I can’t hold back our distaste. Here are a few of the worst (and most common) I have found.

The Worst Advice I’ve Ever Heard About Real Estate Marketing


Postcards Have Always Worked For Me, So That’s What I’m Going to Focus On

Ocean_Grove_Post_CardDoes direct mail have a place in real estate marketing? Yes. Does it hold the same place it did 10 years ago? Absolutely not. I’m not against sending out timely post cards and the occasional market report or newsletter, but please, for the sake of all that this good – make sure you have a way to track whether or not they are being looked at.

TIP: When designing a postcard, keep in mind you want to increase the chances of the message on it to be received and acted upon. If you can, use a design that features a strong photo and call to action. Make it easy for the person to see what you are trying to communicate. Which postcard would you look at? One with an average photo that says “New Listing” or one with a stunning photo that says ” Just Listed in Hampton Hall – The View Alone Will Make You Want to Buy This Home”. Average rewards you with average results.


You Don’t Need A Website

Old-Apple-WebsiteHaving a personal website may not take you to twice your sales volume in a year, but what it will do is establish a place of residence for your digital footprint and your brand. Being a real agent today is tough – we live in a world where having a home you are listing on a national site means almost nothing unless you are willing to be the highest bidder for leads. Why work so hard at a profession that can be tough and not build any brand equity on a medium that is almost universally recognized and establishes credibility?

TIP: Build a site that can be expanded and updated easily. At Go Left Marketing we build our client sites on the WordPress platform. This does a couple things. First, it gives our client the ability to add new content easily. Secondly, it allows us to add design features and keep their website in line with current design standards. We know that websites are organic things that need to be maintained and nurtured – pick a platform that let’s you build brand/digital equity without sucking all the time out of your day.


Don’t Worry About Blogging

Blogging memeThere was a time when if you wanted be found on a search engine all you had to do was pay to be at the top of the search results and no one knew any better. The more you paid, the more leads you got. Then SEO came into town and the game became being clever with keywords and links, and organic search (not paid) results became king. These two things are still in play today, although stats show that over 80% of searchers on Google skip the paid ads and go to the first few results on the page. While these two powers clash and collide, one thing remains constant – great, relevant content always finds its way to those looking for it.

TIP: Start small and solve problems. Your real estate clients have a unique set of challenges that you can solve. It can be as simple as writing 500 words on “3 Things You Can Do Today That Will Help You Sell Your Home Faster”. A blog post doesn’t have to be groundbreaking – it has to communicate that you know your stuff and that you’re willing to help someone who needs it. A word of caution: be consistent. It doesn’t matter if it is once a month, once a week, or once a day – committing to creating content is the same for any real estate marketing strategy, those who are consistent with it, wins.


man on phone tweets around his headSocial Media Doesn’t Sell Real Estate

In 2006 Facebook was closed to anyone who didn’t have a .edu email address. Today, there are over a billion (that’s billion with a big hairy “B”) people using Facebook every day. Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn all contribute to this wave of social networking in a way that sees our lives connected to everyone else’s in a way we’ve never seen before. This is a truth – its not a fad or a trend. The real estate industry is about relationships – its about staying connected to your network. If that doesn’t convince you to use social media in real estate marketing I’m not sure what will.

TIP: Be yourself and engage. Treat social media platforms as you would a dinner party. No one likes the person at a dinner party who comes off fake and doesn’t engage. Be intentional about looking at other people’s posts and if you have something to add (even if it’s an opposing viewpoint, just don’t be a jerk) then add it. Share what others are doing, compliment others on their accomplishments, and offer help where you can. Just like at a dinner party or networking event, your conversations will be meaningful and memorable. When you’ve done this long enough, with no expectation of any business, you’ll be amazed at the number of opportunities for business will come your way.

What kind of real estate advice have you received? Leave it in the comments below.

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