When I reflect back to the beginning of GLM and where our company is today; I can confidently say that we’ve redefined the term “rebranding”. In fact, I think we’ve downright worn the word out. Did you know since 2012 the Go Left Marketing website has changed 6 times and our logo has changed 3 times! What an amazing brand journey.

While looking back on old screenshots (you rock, Wayback Machine!) of our previous website layouts, one thing was made clear – when we first started GLM we had no clue who we really were in the website & design industry. Our past websites (now known as the red-headed step child sites) screamed “WE DO EVERYTHING FOR EVERYONE”. Out of desperation to grow, we became too large and our sites prove it. Pages were filled with extensive descriptions of what we do, how we do it and why you should have it. Just like every other site out there, right? Were we fans of green, or purple, or orange color palettes? How about all of the above (apparently during GLM 3.1) Did we specialize in website design, copywriting, PR, advertising, PPC, design? What did our company offer that was unique from other marketing agencies in Charlotte?

It feels much better being in the business over 3 years now. We’re much more comfortable and confident telling people who we are, why we are special and what makes our team unique. But the best thing about rebranding – it also taught us how to say no to certain clientele; because it’s OK if we’re not a good fit for everyone.

What Did We Learn Through Our Multiple Rebranding Efforts


  1. It’s hella fun rebranding
  2. It’s hella exhausting rebranding
  3. You can’t offer every single service in your industry just so you capture as much business as possible. Don’t be afraid to niche yourself so you become awesome at a few things instead of mediocre at a lot of things
  4. Puke green is not a nice color for a logo, accent color, or anything remotely related to marketing what-so-ever
  5. Rebrand often. But maybe not as often as we’ve done
  6. You really learn who your company is through rebranding
  7. It’s easy to launch a new website then look at it a month later and want to change the entire thing again
  8. Say no to the clients your brand doesn’t mix well with.

For a good laugh, take a look at the screenshots below to see the Evolution of GLM and how the Marketing Baristas were born.

GLM 1.0

go left marketing legacy website

GLM 2.0

go left marketing legacy website

GLM 3.0

go left marketing legacy website

GLM 3.1

go left marketing legacy website

GLM 4.0

go left marketing legacy website

GLM 5.0

go left marketing legacy website

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