We live in a world where we share everything we do.

Picture of dessert, our child’s latest accomplishments, an otter scratching its back, our favorite quote, a great article. Do we do this because we want to better others’ lives or do we do this for attention?

Check out this SlideShare about sharing habits on social media.

how often do you share information on social media?
why do users share content and what type of content do they share?
what type of content do you share on social media?

I’m trying to write something everyday (although lately I’m finding that days ending in ‘Y’ are becoming stumbling blocks) so that I can somehow get my thoughts out in a way that is “public”.

The term public is used very loosely seeing that only a handful of people actually see my social media posts, but that isn’t why I’m writing. Sharing content is a totally different thing to me.

Sometimes my wife gives me a tough time about “hardly ever posting anything personal”.

And on some level, she is right about that. (It doesn’t help that I get the most “engagement” from the personal photos and posts). My take is that everything I post, is some way personal.

This is something I posted recently:


chris pratt

I posted it because I thought it was funny (and it is!) and Chris Pratt is knocking everything he is doing out of the ballpark right now. Now isn’t my sense of humor personal? (I didn’t say it was any good, just personal)

We live in a world where when someone makes a tackle they jump up, thumping their chest with excitement, and loudly roar of their accomplishment. Could you imagine a developer finishing a line of code, throwing off his headphones, jumping on his desk, and giving the first down signal? I know we all want to be noticed. But is that why we share things?

The other day my 3 year old daughter acted like she wanted to give her half eaten cracker to me. We all beamed with pride because we wanted her to see this was a good thing. Then she snatched it back and ate the rest of it. Baby steps — literally. Did she do that to be noticed? Did she want to make us laugh? Or, did she really just want the last cracker and we’re completely overthinking this?

Do we share to be noticed? Or do we share to make someone else’s day better?

Or do we do it because it’s just the world we live in…now where’s that video about the panda bears in the snow, I want to post it.

michael aldea go left marketing imageJan Michael Aldea is a jack of all trades finally making good at being well rounded. His background in marketing, consulting, business coaching & training, real estate, fitness, parenthood, marriage, and life makes Michael ill equipped to be in a cubicle, but very equipped to help transform people and companies one (sometimes humorously awkward) step at a time. He is the president and director of business development for Go Left Marketing based out of Charlotte, NC.

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