Confessions of a Listing Agent - Mini Episode #1

Your Reputation As A Buyers Agent Can Affect The Strength Of Your Offer

10 Confessions of a Listing Agent – Mini Episode #1

At the end of the day, real estate is about relationships.  Not just with your clients, customers, and prospects, but with other agents.  While there are plenty of agents. the realtor community can be pretty tight knit.  With that said, you’re reputation can tend to proceed you and in this audio clip, Andy Bovender goes into why this is important to you as a buyers agent.

Below is Andy’s take on why your reputation as a buyer’s agent is so important..

“Offers are equally graded by the reputation of the buyer’s agent, as much as price and terms.”


When you’re evaluating offers between different buyers or even just looking at one buyer, it’s like deciding whether or not to “date” them since you’ll be interacting with them for the next 30, 45, or even 60 days. In many cases, how positive your experience will be has nothing to do with the buyer.


It’s got more to do with the buyer’s agent, or whoever’s giving the buyer advice.


As listing agents, when we get offers, we meet with the seller and evaluate all the terms. Sometimes, certain dates and other parts of the contract matter more than the actual price. But we always look at the buyer and the buyer’s agent very carefully.


There are two red flags to look for. These indicate that the process might not go as well as you want for your listing client.


1. First and foremost, look at the type of feedback you get from the buyers and buyer’s agents. You can tell if someone will be fair or easy to work with by how cooperative and professional they are. Their feedback and comments about the house itself can speak volumes about what the next 30 days will be like.


2. Sometimes the initial offer can foreshadow what the transaction will be like. If a buyer bursts in like a gunslinger, focused on getting the best possible deal and the best possible terms, don’t expect that negotiation once you’re under contract. You still have the appraisal and other steps where negotiation can take place. This buyer is perhaps shopping for lenders throughout the process, trying to get the best deal for themselves. Someone who is in it only for themselves often tends to be a wildcard – and it’s more difficult to get to the finish line.


In the end, what we evaluate the most is WHO we’re selling that house to and evaluate our past experiences with that buyer’s agent. I always try to predict how smooth that transaction will be over the next 30 to 60 days.


Why? Because if we don’t get to the finish line, there wasn’t a legitimate offer in the first place.

Andy Bovender

Andy Bovender

Team Leader, The Bovender Team

“We believe our success is truly due to a combination of hard work and a deep passion to do an outstanding job for our clients. Our team is built upon this philosophy and each team member works together to achieve that. It is a team culture though and through.”

Your Reputation As A Buyers Agent Can Affect The Strength Of Your Offer

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