Questions to Ask Before You Write Your Own Content

When you have your own business, it’s tempting to try to do everything yourself. Writing your own content is just one of the tasks that could be included in this category. Nobody understands your business like you do, right? However, smart business management isn’t about carrying all the weight on just your shoulders. Surrounding yourself with people who possess the talent and skills to look after each cog in your business processes is all part of successfully reaching your goals.

So before you try to manage all of your content creation, ask yourself the following questions.

Do I have the time?

We see it time and time again – businesses taking on the task of creating their own content, only to fail to deliver the necessary content to keep up with their competitors. Fresh, regular content through a variety of channels helps you to establish yourself in your niche as the go-to expert and ensures you continually engage with your audience. Long gone are the days when audiences settled for an unchanging website or social media page. They expect up to date news, insights and information to hold their interest. New content is also rewarded by Google and other search engines, who will interpret your site and pages as an industry authority who regularly updates readers with high-quality, informative news and content relevant to their industry.

Consider if you have the time to dedicate hours and resources to creating this level of content?

Am I experienced in marketing copy?

Anyone can paint a picture, but it’s the artist’s skill that determines the difference between a stick figure and a Picasso. Marketing copy isn’t a talent you can pluck from the top of your head. Professional copywriters use specialized techniques within content to help attract the right visitors and increase conversions. This includes grabbing the reader’s attention and making a connection with them. They can also dedicate time to researching on-trend topics, look for what your potential customers have been searching for, and optimize your posts for search engines. As a business owner, you’ll be passionate and knowledgeable about the industry you’re in, and professional content marketers will use your expertise to ask the right questions and develop goal-driven strategies.

Anyone can paint a picture, but it’s the artist’s skill that determines the difference between a stick figure and a Picasso.

Do I understand consumer psychology?

Have you ever thought about why your strategies do or don’t do well? Consumer psychology plays a large part in marketing, and this extends to the content you produce. For example, are you aware that certain ‘power-words’ can increase conversions in one industry, but decrease them in another? Professional marketing companies understand the impact of words and how to use them to appeal to your target audience’s emotions and with that, the right emotions.

What is the purpose of my content?

The point of content isn’t to create words about a random topic. There’s more rationale put behind it than meets the eye, centering each piece around the type of content your target audience would want to read, and creating it in a format that will appeal to them. Can you put yourself in the position of the audience you want to attract? Do you understand what drives them and the challenges they face? Do you have knowledge about the various channels available for your content and the different formats you can present it in? There’s blog posts, podcasts, social media marketing, infographics, newsletters….the list goes on. If you don’t have the time or knowledge to utilize the wealth of options out there, professional marketing services will know exactly how to attract your target audience and what formats are best for each type of message.

Can someone else get my message across more effectively?

Content marketing utilizes a professional set of skills, producing content which will generate interest in your brand and services. Here at Go Left Marketing, we help businesses grow by attracting the customers they want. We take the time to learn about you, your brand, your culture and your goals. From this, we work with you to develop content marketing strategies to create the best content for your ideal customers.

Taking on your own content writing is a big commitment that shouldn’t be underestimated. Content is key if you truly want to optimize your marketing strategies, so you need to be committed and willing to expand your expertise if you want results.

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Written by Kathryn Castle

As a husband and wife team, one of us is always on hand to help. We’re easy to talk to, easy to communicate with, flexible to work with or without a brief, and create content that pulls the reader in a desired direction. We’ve been together for the best part of a decade, finally tying the knot in 2015. Based in Kent, we love writing (obviously), traveling, and experiencing new things.

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