Mistakes You’re Making with Your Content & How to Avoid Them

Content marketing can be one of the most effective ways to raise awareness of your brand and generate targeted leads, by producing valuable content for your audience. However, some of the businesses we meet have been making mistakes with their strategies, and we’d like to help you avoid them.

MISTAKE 1: Not writing for your audience

Great content means nothing if it doesn’t appeal to your target audience. It should be created for those you actually want to connect with. Otherwise, you’ll gain readers who won’t be looking to use your business, and turn away those who will. To avoid writing for an audience that isn’t yours:

  • Create content in a format that appeals to those you want to attract.
  • The style of writing should be appropriate for the purpose of the piece. Is the reader looking for basic facts or do they want to read something amusing?
  • Content should be interesting, unique and have value for your audience.
  • Consider the needs of your clients. What are they looking for? What issues can you solve for them? What challenges do they face? Understand your clients and make sure your content speaks directly to them.

MISTAKE 2: Fading into the background

While content can be a way to stand out from your competitors, it can also disappear into the sea of content already out there. To establish your authority, generalized content should be kept to a minimum as you’ll want to be ‘thought leaders’ in your niche and showcase your expertise in a particular area. How can you make your content unique? What’s the fresh angle you can take on an on-trend topic? What subjects will stand the test of time rather than being short-lived? Check out our tactical advice on creating content that stands out.

MISTAKE 3: Misunderstanding the power of words in consumer psychology

Content marketing strategies need to incorporate consumer psychology and consider the type of words which send powerful messages to readers. In fact, according to the 2017 conversion benchmark report, the words you should use depends on your industry. While here in the marketing world we know that appealing to readers on an emotional level is what traditionally makes good copy, the specific emotion appealed to can either lead to higher or lower conversions. For Real Estate, the report suggests straightforward and accessible language is favored, while words that induce anxiety such as ‘risk, ‘problem’ and ‘mortgage’ lead to lower conversion rates. Landing page conversions improved for Business Services when feelings of trust were evoked using words such as ‘powerful’, ‘management’ and ‘team’. Studies like this highlight just how powerful words can be in your content.

MISTAKE 4: Lacking goals

Content isn’t something you should create just because every business is doing it. Be aware of what you’re trying to accomplish, so you can put strategies in place with these goals in mind. These could be as simple as establishing your niche, becoming a source of expertise, or educating your audience rather than selling to them. Your ‘call to action’ should direct your readers as to what they need to do if the piece has appealed to them. Is it to sign up to your email list? Is it to ask you for help? This will help you create the content around your objectives. You’ll also need to decide on the best type of content to create this. There’s plenty of options including blogs, podcasts, infographics, landing pages, social media posts, videos….the list is endless!

Content isn’t something you should create just because every business is doing it.

MISTAKE 5: Mismanaging your content distribution

Content marketing strategies don’t just involve creation. Thought should be put into how your content will be distributed and to whom. This includes a schedule for the regular creation of beneficial content, deciding on the appropriate distribution channels for your audience, and taking advantage of the range of options you have. This will usually include a multi-targeted approach from anything from your Facebook business page to email marketing. Don’t forget about your website too, especially if you have SEO goals in mind as Google rewards businesses that create great content.

MISTAKE 6: Forgetting to measure success

Many businesses fall into the trap of not measuring the success of their marketing strategies. It seems obvious, but why would you keep investing time, money and energy into something if you have no idea whether it’s making an impact? Analyze the effectiveness of your content by measuring it against your objectives. Was your goal to promote an offer to a new audience? Was it to raise awareness of your brand? Measurable outcomes could be as simple as traffic to your page or the number of subscribers gained through your blog. You can also repackage your most successful content to appeal to others. If you have a popular blog post, you could add a link on your website’s homepage or even reformat the piece for your email subscribers.

Content is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal. At Go Left Marketing, we help businesses craft an online presence through growth driven design approaches. This includes inbound marketing, campaign optimization, content creation and website design.

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