The number one question we receive about marketing automation is “how do you avoid having impersonal processes for your customers with marketing automation?” After all, the term “marketing automation” itself sounds disconnected, impersonal, cold and robot-like.

How To Improve Personalization Through Marketing Automation

The answer: it’s all about data-driven marketing. The data collected by marketing automation software provides small business owners, marketers and sales reps with valuable insight into a buyer’s interests and needs; allowing them to create a customized buyer experience. Setting up automation based on the data collected lets your sales reps put this data to use on a scalable level. Without automation, you’re left to manually determine what each buyer’s journey is, what their goals are and painstakingly reach out to them individually. Talk about time consuming! In today’s digital age, marketing automation’s powerful technology doesn’t just make personalization possible, it also makes it crucial to business success.

Businesses that are currently personalizing web experiences are seeing an increase in sales of 19% on average. (Econsultancy)

Take a look at a basic outline of how marketing automation personalizes the sales cycle in the infographic below—what type of data is collected, how it’s collected, and how it can be used.
how to improve personalization with marketing automation

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