How to Determine Your Buyer Personas

Every business has dream clients.

They’re great to work with for a variety of reasons including trusting your expertise, giving you information that helps you add a wealth of value to their projects and there’s a mutual respect for each other’s time.

Part of any good business strategy is positioning yourself to attract the customers you want. To do this, you need to work out who that ideal customer is and what would attract them to your business.

Buyer personas are one of the great ways you can do this, creating a fictional representation of your ideal customer, so that you can put them at the heart of your business plans.

Why Are Buyer Personas Important for Your Business?

Businesses often think that creating Buyer Personas is about finding out who your customers are to work out your target market. While this is part of the process, you should be thinking about who you want to attract as a customer, so you can determine the best possible customer to help take you forward as a business. This could include client relationships which will bring you financial gain, allow you to fully use your expertise or increase your experience in the area or niche you want to be in. It’s also important to think about how you like working and what type of customer fits in with that ideal picture of running your business.

From this, you can ensure your business is maximizing its campaigns to attract the type of customer that will benefit you most as a business. It’s extremely helpful for sales and marketing teams, empowering them to take their strategies forward with purpose and direction.

Gathering Information About Your Customers

The first step is to take a look at who your current customer base consists of and consider whether you’re attracting the types of business relationships that will help you move forward. It’s also your chance to think about your best customers and what qualities they have to give them this title. Throughout the process of determining your buyer personas, you’ll start to recognize the warning signs of potential clients who aren’t a good fit for you. So often it’s easy to chase any business that you can for financial reasons, but this can often lead to issues further down the line and can harm to your business by taking up time, increasing your stress levels and not providing you with what you need to do the best possible job for them.

Creating a Picture of Your Ideal Customer

The first step in how to determine your buyer personas is to go through a series of picture-building steps.

Characteristics of your perfect customer

List out the qualities in those you have good business relationships with.

2) Things which make yourself and your customer happy

Assess what fulfills both yourself and your customer.

3) Client expectations

Remember, this isn’t about what customers expect from a business. It’s about the expectations you want your client to have from you so that the correct boundaries are established from the start of any client relationship.

4) How to achieve what you want

Declare who you need to be to attract this type of client. You need to start believing you can achieve it.

5) Combining steps 1-4

You can now join together the ideas you’ve established to determine your buyer personas.

Use our FREE Developing Buyer Personas Worksheet to help you answer these questions and develop a picture of the Buyer Personas of your target audience.

Establish Your Buyer Personas’ Motivations

This is your chance to ask why your buyer personas would use your business. You need to think about what drives that ideal customer and what would attract them to a business like yours. You’ll hopefully form a picture of their possible background, demographics, identifiers, goals, challenges and what you can do for them.

It’s also a time to reflect on what could be putting off those potential customers from utilizing your services. From here, your sales and marketing team will be able to put your buyer personas at the center of their strategies. Your buyer personas have formed your target audience.

Attracting Your Buyer Personas

In reality, attracting your buyer personas is about positioning yourself as a business by implementing not only promotional material that will attract such an audience but also present yourself as the ideal business they’d want to work with. You can now start tailoring everything around the needs and behaviors of your buyer personas. This includes your content, marketing, services and products.

Here at Go Left Marketing, this is something we would love to help you with. Our digital marketing services are all based around attracting your ideal clients and making it happen!

susan aldea go left marketingSusan Aldea spent the first half of her working years in customer service for multiple industries including food and beverage, apparel and cinnabons (mmm). At that point it was all about optimal product positioning and carrying a smile even if she was exhausted from school. The second half of Susan’s career was entrenched in the anatomy of a multimillion dollar real estate development, optimizing a large real estate database and assisting Realtors with a multitude of real estate marketing campaigns. Even though she prefers to stay behind-the-curtain, her presence is always known and felt around the office.

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