Go Left Marketing Announces Launch of Sales Coach Website Design and Brand Development

Charlotte, NC – We are proud to announce the launch of a sales coach website design and brand development for Edward L. Tillman – www.thesalesrhino.net. Edward, a successful property and casualty insurance agent located in Charlotte, partnered with Go Left to create a brand and website for his new venture, The Sales Rhino.

The Sales Rhino was developed to provide business leaders and salespersons within the financial services industry tools, tips and motivational guidance to deliver the most important aspect of any business; Revenue.

Through a proprietary sales process, The Rhino Sales System, (RSS) Edward will assist and position sales professionals for success from the early stages of networking for qualified prospects to the multiple stages of the closing conversation.

RSS has been developed from the many successes and failures Edward has personally experienced and learned from colleagues during his sales career. “I found success in call centers, banks, insurance agencies and financial firms, and I am ready to share the secrets to my success with you.” said Edward.

The new website features unique content, podcasts, reviews and resources available for clients to download.  There is also a downloadable media kit, and an informative blog that includes industry-related topics written by Edward. “I wanted to create a website that reflected the energy and purpose of why I am so passionate about sales strategies and I feel confident we did just that” said Edward Tillman. As The Sales Rhino brand grows, so will the website. Future website plans include a speaking engagement calendar, tour dates, the ability to purchase books authored by Edward, and more.

Edward Tillman is available to work with any organization on a multitude of levels depending on your business needs. Long, intermediate, and short term goals are all available to work on. Based upon the level chosen the interaction with the Sales Rhino will vary. Edward Tillman may be reached by calling 980-202-3007 or emailing edward@thesalesrhino.net.

The Sales Rhino website, brand development and marketing was a collaboration between Go Left Marketing and Edward L. Tillman.


About Edward Tillman & The Sales Rhino:

Edward Tillman has spent over 15 years in the financial services and small business sector. Raised in the inner city of Atlanta Georgia, and strengthened by serving as a Marine during the Gulf War, Edward forged his way to success without a ball in hand, an ivy league degree, or a computer in his garage. The Sales Rhino is the go-to multimedia source for business leaders and sales persons within the financial services industry for thoughtful, beneficial and implementable sales tactics and leadership content.

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