Go Left Marketing Announces Launch of Motivational Strategist Website Design

Charlotte, NC March 2016 – We are proud to announce the launch of a new life coach and motivational strategist website. http://kellyannwilson.com, designed by Go Left Marketing, includes a clean design, content-rich information about unique approach to teaching her clients how to improve their quality of life, workshop signup forms and comprehensive landing pages filled with Dr. Kelly’s program introductions and  specifications.

Home Page:

life coach website design

The new http://kellyannwilson.com website features:

Event Booking: A simple way to book Dr. Kelly for your next personal, community or business speaking event.

Workshop Signup: Quickly reserve your spot at Dr. Kelly’s next successful webinar/workshop by conveniently submitting your application online.

Coaching Session Reservations: Site includes a comprehensive landing page complete with engaging, active photography to assist potential clients in making informed decisions about Dr. Kelly’s innovative coaching system.

Events: An up-to-date list of events where Dr. Kelly is currently booked to speak at; and provides the opportunity for anyone to RSVP.

About Page:

life coach website design

Workshop Signup Page:

life coach website design

“The launch of my website shows my commitment to partnering with my clients to create profound shifts that inspire them to personal success, said Dr. Kelly.

About Dr. Kelly:

Dr. Kelly is a Motivational Strategist with a Ph.D. in Education Psychology. Dr. Kelly embodies an enthusiastic, abundant approach to life. She inspires others through exploring new ideas, embracing new situations and holding the space and vision for their personal growth. Dr. Kelly enjoys using her experiences to captivate and celebrate with her audiences. She strives to help students, parents, teachers and professionals create and celebrate abundance in their lives. Her life’s mission is truly all about helping other people develop higher levels of success and fulfillment.

For more information about Dr. Kelly please visit http://kellyannwilson.com, call 704.544.8459, or email info@kellyannwilson.com.

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