Get Ahead in Business by Podcasting with WordPress

Is your business looking to create knockout content? Over the last decade, podcasting with WordPress has grown in popularity and is used by businesses as a great tool for engaging audiences. Inbound marketing doesn’t always have to take place through the most obvious channels, and podcasting can be an innovative way to get ahead.

What is Podcasting?

If we asked you to explain podcasting, you’d probably think of a series of regular audio files to download, right? Although you’d be correct, it can also extend to other digital media such as videos and ebooks. It’s a way of distributing on-demand content regularly to your audience who can easily access digestible information through their phones and tablets. Last year alone, statistics revealed 57% of Americans listen to online radio every month and podcasting is a growing medium with fans listening to an average of 5 podcasts a week.

So, how does it fit in with your inbound marketing strategies?

When considering inbound marketing techniques, the rationale behind them is to engage your target audience through relevant content, adding value to their lives rather than acting as an interruption. Your strategies may incorporate blogs and social media marketing, but often little thought is given to less obvious choices. Podcasting can address the needs of your target audience while building your credibility.

How can podcasting with WordPress help you get ahead in business?

Increase traffic

If you want consumers to invest in your business, they expect you to invest in them. This means creating content which aligns itself with your audience’s needs and interests. With podcasting far less common than blogging, it’s a way to get ahead of your competitors. Podcasting may have been around for years, but many businesses are not taking the opportunity to use this popular medium, giving your business the opportunity to stand out from others in your market. You’ll have the opportunity to attract a whole new audience, who prefer to listen to podcasts rather than read information.

Improve your conversion rates

While engaging a new audience is great, you’ll want your podcasting efforts to result in increased conversions for your products or services (you are a business after all!). Podcasting can do this through:

Grabbing attention – Listening or watching content can be a lot more interesting than words on a page, especially if the topic is not so exciting to read about! Hearing someone talk about a subject can add tone, humor, and emotion which can’t be achieved through other avenues.

Enhancing your credibility – When consumers engage with a business, it can often be a faceless brand without many humanized features. Podcasting can get past these barriers, putting a human voice out there who can inspire trust and establish a connection with potential customers. Your audience’s connection with your business will instantly feel more personal which goes a long way to them choosing you as a business they want to invest in.

Good news! Podcasting with WordPress is easier than ever….

Podcasting can be used to create content about anything. This could be to supplement blog posts, how-to tutorials, a news summary or to discuss a new product or service. Essentially, anything your audience will be interested in!

The good news is you can podcast through WordPress, which is one of the most widely used content management systems for websites.

Podcasting can be used to create content about anything. This could be to supplement blog posts, how-to tutorials, a news summary or to discuss a new product or service. Essentially, anything your audience will be interested in!

How to get started:

Equipment you’ll require includes a microphone, recording software on your PC and editing software. You may find these are already installed, especially if you have a Mac. However, it’s wise to invest in a high-quality separate microphone which will add the professional touch to your recordings and block out any background noise.

Just with many other aspects of your WordPress site, you’ll need a specialist WordPress Plugin for podcasts. Some popular ones include Seriously Simple Podcasting, Libsyn Podcasting,
and Blubrry PowerPress, but you’ll need to choose the one best for your needs. You can also connect your published podcasts to other platforms for users to subscribe to including your social media marketing channels and iTunes for easy download.

Feeling overwhelmed?

Looking at any new marketing avenue can be a daunting prospect, and sometimes it can be hard to know where to start. Go Left Marketing lives and breathes brainstorming, creating and connecting ideas for all things which keep your customers coming back for more. We’re always exploring new inbound marketing ideas and pushing the boundaries of what you can achieve. It’s easy to see why podcasting is so popular with audiences. We all know life is hectic, and listening to content is an easy way to digest information on-the-go or while you’re relaxing. Why not take the opportunity to explore this area with us?

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