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Free Buyer Persona Worksheet! Figure out who the best customers for your business are.


Start attracting your perfect clients by using our free buyer persona worksheet. Developing buyer personas is the first step towards empowering your sales and marketing team. Each persona leaves a unique trail on your website. That data is collected and used in marketing automation, which optimizes campaigns and sets up personalized triggers. The 5-step Buyer Persona Development process is required in order to attract perfect clients with the proper marketing.

Attracting Perfect Customers: The Power of Strategic Synchronicity” Written by Stacey Hall and Jan Brogniez (now Jan Stringer), identifies 4 steps in her book that are key in determining who the best customer for your business is:

First, be clear about what is the perfect client for you and your business. She suggests writing several pages about the qualities you are looking for: “We all want certain qualities in relationships and being clear about what those qualities are first sends a note to the universe.”

Second, identify what makes you and your perfect customer tick: “Look at the relationships in your business up to now, the ones you’ve stuck with and really, really resonate with — there is a good vibe. Ask yourself, ‘What is that about, what makes me tick?’ Your perfect customers will tick to the same thing.”

Third, specify what you want your perfect customer or client to expect of you: “A lot of times, we think we have to shape ourselves to fit the expectations of others: ‘They expect that so I must do that.’ Early in my business, people would call late at night or over the weekend. I realized I hadn’t specified that I did not want my perfect client to do that.”

The fourth and final step is to declare who you are going to be to attract what you want: “You have to be someone who believes, I can have what I what.”

We think Ms. Stringer is right that it is important to have clarity about what kinds of relationships are going to be best for your business. Knowing the warning signs that a prospective client will not be a good fit is the first step. The trick is to be aware of red flags and not get too excited about the opportunity to earn new business. For us, these signs include working with companies that micro-manage and want to be involved in every decision, no matter how big or small, companies with leaders that struggle to make decisions or zap too much time from our team through constant meeting requests and phone calls, and companies that have zero input from the beginning and offer us no starting point to make them successful.

Our best clients are the ones who understand that the more information they share about their business and themselves, the better job we can do. They are the ones that value our time as much as we value theirs.

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