Flynaut to Acquire Go Left Marketing

Charlotte, NC – September 15, 2017 – Flynaut, an international award-winning web design and digital marketing agency, is pleased to announce an agreement in principle to acquire a 100% interest in Go Left Marketing, LLC, a US-based corporation.

As part of Flynaut’s continuing expansion, the purchase will better serve the needs of both Flynaut and Go Left Marketing customers. “This investment represents an important strategic opportunity to offer mobile app development services, improve existing design and development services, and provide cost savings for our customers,” said Michael Aldea, vice president of Go Left Marketing. “The acquisition also increases our capacity and geographic presence, so we can offer digital marketing and consulting services to a much broader customer base.”

By combining resources, Flynaut and Go Left Marketing will now lead the industry in innovative inbound marketing and website design and development. The acquisition agreement will close in the next three months, having been approved by core members of the Board of Directors and partners.

As part of the acquisition, Michael Aldea has been brought on board with Flynaut as their Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing. He will continue to be an integral part of Go Left Marketing’s current client base during the transition period. In addition, all current Go Left Marketing employees and clients will fold into Flynaut’s organization.

For all Flynaut and Go Left Marketing sales and marketing questions please contact Michael Aldea at (704) 251-9846 or email

About Flynaut and Go Left Marketing
Flynanut ( is an award-winning web design and digital marketing agency that helps brands make the most of their digital footprint. Current clients include Celestial Seasonings, US Bank, Barbie, Adidas, and Canon. They have teams based across the globe, including in the US, India, and Dubai. Go Left Marketing, LLC, is a Charlotte-based marketing agency that offers inbound marketing and website design services to small to mid-size businesses across the US. They have teams based locally and across the globe, including Charlotte, California, and in the UK. Their team aims to create a truly purposeful brand that offers value to everyone they meet along the way.

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