You’re probably thinking, “email marketing?  how hard can that be?”  The answer is this.  It’s very easy if you’re willing to chance alienating your database and driving people completely nuts every time you end up in their inbox.  But done right email marketing can be a major spoke in your marketing wheel.  I wanted to get you a quick list of how to go about seeing the email inbox for what it is:  a powerful way to communicate with your audience. Discover email marketing tips below that will grab your reader’s attention.

Email Marketing Tips to Catch Your Reader’s Attention


Use a great subject line

When was the last time you saw a movie just because the trailer was cool?  I know, anytime Michael Bay makes a movie this gets me every time.  The point is, the goal is to get them to OPEN the email. If you lose that battle then it doesn’t matter what’s in the email.

Make the content clear, brief and comprehensive

Emails are meant to be short messages.  No one want to reads an email that forces them too far down the page. Give them bullet points or an excerpt.  If they want to keep reading, give them a link to do so – preferably to your website.

Put weighty content above the fold

This is a cousin to the previous point.  If you have a lot of content that isn’t blog or eBook worthy, keep the really important stuff “above the fold”, aka near the top of the page.

Always include an attractive call action button

The goal with any marketing email is conversion.  To increase the chances of this happening, use a button or a graphic that tells the reader what the offer is and what they need to do to take advantage of it.

Let customers know that there are real people behind the marketing.

Put some personality in it. Don’t be afraid to put a little personality in your email marketing.  Not taking yourself too seriously “humanizes” your business and allows people to connect with you.

Coordinate with other platforms

Integrating your social media and website marketing efforts are important.  Email marketing should not be a stand-alone effort, it should look, feel, sound, and contain the same messages that your other marketing contains.

Double-check your spelling and grammer

When communicating with your customers and prospects, always give your best presentation. There, their, they’re – I know, keeping your email marketing free of mistakes is tough, but try to be dilligent.  These kinds of mistakes aren’t credibility killers (usually), but they can be diztracting.

Avoid the use of ‘

It seems cold and looks like spam. Instead, use personal names. Why not use your name?  If you want your audience to connect with you, give them a little more than info@.  Using your name helps builds rapport and a foundation for future correspondence.

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