Does Fresh Content Really Matter for Business Success?

Your website’s finalized, you’ve got a Facebook business page all set up and a subscriber’s list ready to be updated. So now you can relax, right? We’re afraid not.

If you want your content marketing to drive results, you’ll need new, relevant and regular content to keep your readers happy and keep ahead of your competitors. Here’s why.

Google loves it

Keeping search engines happy is a vital part of SEO (search engine optimization). If you leave your website static, they may place less value on the content you do have and not recognize you’re an active business. Search engine ‘bots’ can detect fresh content on your website and pages, allowing them to continually index the new information. This provides an excellent opportunity to rank higher in searches. The more content you produce, the more likely it is that you’ll start regularly hitting those all-important keywords that your target audience are searching for, resulting in more traffic being sent your way. It’s not all about quantity of course, and your content will need to be full of high-quality, well-written information that’s not stuffed full of keywords for the sake of it.

Compete to become an authority in your niche or industry

Creating informative and valuable content for your target audience will require you to stay on top of what they’re interested in, their changing motivations, issues that will affect them long-term and on-trend topics. This could include industry news, an issue which is on the rise, or expert advice. Showcasing your expertise is important for both search engines and audiences alike to hammer home your relevance in the industry. There are plenty of formats to present your content in, from interesting blog posts to an engaging podcast.

Increase conversions

Creating fresh content for your readers to enjoy while also building your authority in a particular niche will help develop your brand, develop leads and increase customer trust. This will help increase your conversions as more people recognize you as a credible business. This is your chance to really sell the benefits of using your business, the positive impact it can make on reader’s lives and show you’re completely in-tune with your customers. Regular content enhances the user’s overall experience with your brand, increasing your chances of securing sales.

Regular content enhances the user’s overall experience with your brand, increasing your chances of securing sales.

Continual engagement with your target audience

Content marketing strategies aren’t just about grabbing anyone’s attention. It’s about attracting your ideal clients and keeping them hooked. Customers expect regular content, so putting them at the heart of your campaigns means meeting their needs. If somebody likes your Facebook business page for example, and you don’t post any new content, you’re missing out on sharing valuable information with those who have already chosen to follow you. Keep writing consistent, high-quality content, and you’ll create an army of loyal followers who’ll return time and time again, and they’ll share this fact with others too! It’s also a great way to keep them in the loop about any offers you have coming up and new products or services available.

Finding new angles on a continual basis when creating content doesn’t have to be a time-consuming task. At Go Left Marketing, we support our clients to understand the value of well-developed content marketing strategies, and how attracting your ideal clients takes commitment and consistency.

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