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Our marketing automation platform and business process strategies saved Heroic Fitness 180+ hours a month.

Heroic Fitness

Growth-driven web design & development, marketing automation, CRM management, social media marketing & management, creative design, business consulting, podcast development

Kirk Rogers, owner of Heroic Fitness, has dominated the Charlotte fitness market by offering a 20 pound weight loss challenge. Through his passion to help 1,000,000 people over the course of his life, he has transformed the bodies and minds of thousands of Charlotte area residents. Relying heavily on Facebook advertising for leads, Kirk wanted to increase his lead gen pipeline through multiple content streams. His current website included contact forms but lacked functionality for his membership services and desperately needed to offer the design aesthetics that his target audience was looking for. When it comes to this particular type of project, we’ve learned that you can’t approach inbound and automation from one side. Often times we find ourselves flanking a client’s business processes from all sides. This approach helps identify strengths and weaknesses within a company, before automation processes are set up. It’s absolutely necessary to do this because if your business processes are not aligned with your automation, you won’t see the results you’re looking for.

Before Go Left Marketing came along, Heroic Fitness did everything, manually. Manually entered leads, scheduling orientations, data entry, emails, follow ups, everything. We immediately implemented SharpSpring, our marketing automation platform, and got started on creating automated email replies. This alone has saved Heroic Fitness 80 hours a month. Along with automated email triggers, we created dynamic contact forms and landing pages for each social media ad and page on his website. Now Heroic Fitness can track where each lead came from on their website, and they automatically get dropped into a specific list within the CRM. We even created an automated system where people can schedule their own orientation after signing up for a challenge, rather than someone from Heroic Fitness having to call or email them. This strategy saved over 100 hours a month.

With our growth-driven design strategy, we will continue to add to the Heroic Fitness, including an at-home challenge available to purchase online, a podcast, online submittals of before and after photos and more.

After years of servicing customers, Greg and Jeff felt they were overdue for a website that visually aligned with the quality of service they provided. It was time to retire the safe beige color palette that overwhelmed their website, and replace it with bright, lively hues of pinks and blues.

Walkers Drug Store

Growth-driven web design & development, marketing automation, CRM management, social media management, creative design

Co-owners Jeff and Greg Lemelin of Walker’s Drug Store know a thing or two about how to service their customers. After all, they’ve been doing it for over 120+ years. They truly are the local Charlotte area pharmacy that puts their customer’s first. Services like prescription delivery, compounding for people and their pets, a full-service post office, medication management therapy and a total wellness center are just some of the things that sets them apart from chain pharmacies. When it comes to health and wellness, we all strive to establish a trusting relationship with our doctors, nurses, hospitals and pharmacists. It’s encouraging to know there is always a familiar face you can trust and count on at Walker’s Drug Store. After years of servicing customers, Jeff and Greg felt it was time to have a website that visually aligned with the quality of service they provided. It was time to retire the safe beige color palette that overwhelmed their website, and replace it with bright, lively hues of pinks and blues. Having just a content-heavy online brochure was no longer enough for Walker’s Drug Store. Taking visitors through a more enjoyable viewing experience was also important. Incorporating images, site icons and well-defined page sections would help accomplish this task.

Through growth-driven design, our team of designers and developers went to work creating a wireframe. Using a combination of Trello (a project management tool) and Slack (a real time internal chat tool) we documented daily progress. The first step in creating marketing automation is to review a businesses current database and email marketing campaigns. In addition to growth-drive website design, Go Left Marketing began combing through Walker’s Drug Store’s CRM and email marketing follow up procedures inch by inch. This partnership is far from over. Over the course of a year our team will meet with Walker’s Drug Store to define and refine marketing initiatives, continuously improve their website, grow their marketing automation library and manage their social media accounts.

Elite Design Group

website design & development, copywriting, logo design, marketing automation, inbound marketing


Elite Design Group is a premier design company for homeowners and home builders who want a unique, one-of-a-kind home design. Founded in 2003 by JJ Barja, Elite Design Group is known for their “classic, timeless elegance” floor plan designs. Currently there are two sides of the business: house plan offerings that a customer can purchase straight from the site (EDG PLan Collection) and the other is custom plans. The web presence for the EDG Plan Collection is solid and performing nicely. What Elite Design Group needed was a website that reflects the distinct nature of the custom plan business and attract the kind of clientele than is looking for a custom home design that fits their taste and needs.

Go Left Marketing was contracted to design a light, interactive, customized and mobile-friendly website, complete with stock plans, quote page and an extensive floor plan portfolio.

Go Left Marketing was also contracted to automate Elite Design Group’s email marketing along with designing branded custom email templates. Elite Design Group is so happy with the results they have contracted GLM to integrate their EDG Plan Collection site within the new website.

Bovender Team

website design & development, IDX integration, logo design, postcard design

The Bovender Team is one of the top real estate teams in the Carolinas with a sales volume in 2014 exceeding $100 million. Team leaders/partners Andy Bovender and Debbie Hooker lead a team of talented agents and staff to service clients and customers from 3 different locations, with the location in Baxter Village being the hub. Although the team is consistently a top performer for Allen Tate, their online presence was severely lacking. It was time to improve their website, which at the time was an unresponsive portal through Allen Tate’s main site.

Go Left Marketing was contracted to design a photo rich, visitor driven, highly customized and mobile-friendly website, complete with an interactive testimonials page, a preferred vendor list, convenient social sharing components and engaging media libraries.

Go Left Marketing was also contracted to extend the Bovender Team brand into custom email templates, attractive realtor postcards and designed several landing pages for online marketing campaigns. The Bovender Team now has a mobile-friendly custom website that they are proud to showcase to their clients and prospects.

Dr. Kelly

website design & development, brand development, marketing consulting, marketing automation, copywriting


Dr. Kelly Ann Wilson is a beacon of knowledge in the academic and Jewish communities locally, regionally and nationally. Versed in writing, public speaking, teaching, and counseling, Kelly’s desire is to launch a teaching and coaching system geared towards children and parents who are looking to find their purpose in life and equip them with the skills to achieve their dreams. Dr. Kelly needed a powerful brand that resonates with a wide age range and a vehicle to build an audience for that brand.

The purpose of this project was to help develop and facilitate the webinar for the first of three workshops as well as the marketing efforts involved with the delivery and follow up for the webinar. Go Left Marketing also designed and developed an SEO optimized, responsive full-featured website complete with strategic landing pages that integrate with her email marketing accounts. Dr. Kelly’s audience now has access to the many resources she has and will eventually create.

Newgen Restores Inc.

website design & development, content marketing, copywriting, inbound marketing strategy

NewGen Restores is owned and operated by Kent Ravaioli with the help of his daughter Liz. Based out of Pineville, NC, this startup specializes in the restoration of all indoor and outdoor flooring. Newgen’s online footprint consists of a website (launched in March 2015) and a Facebook page.

While there are nearly a dozen traditional marketing initiatives in place, none of them leveraged one another and were almost untrackable through Google Analytics. The purpose of this project was to apply an inbound marketing methodology of Attract, Convert, Close, and Delight to increase leads to a level that supports 3-4 appointments a day.

This was achieved through a website redesign, an intentional content creation strategy, social media promotion, strong sales funnels & marketing automation, and solid measuring tools. Go Left Marketing also provided creative design services including redesigning their tri-fold brochure.

Village Montessori

website design & development, marketing consulting

Village Montessori, based out of Fort Mill, SC and located in the coveted Baxter Village area, is a modern take on classic Montessori. Its founders Lisa Gerard and Kristine Veltri wanted to offer a place for parents to leave their young children that would nurture them, prepare them for school, and give the parents peace of mind that Village Montessori is not a day care but a preschool. They also want VMPS to eventually be a gateway into private school. Their wish is to have a clean, modern, website that is polished but communicates a feeling of inclusion and grace.

Within a few months of the grand opening of VMPS, founders Lisa and Kristine have already found themselves growing exponentially. This fast-paced growth further solidified their need for an organized and strong online presence. Through communicating and connecting on Facebook, Go Left Marketing was selected to take on the task of designing and developing the VMPS website. Must-haves included mobile-optimization, parent portal access, separate class pages with program descriptions and the site needed to evoke the feeling that parents were “taking a tour” of the facilities online. Pictures and user-friendly galleries were important.

After months of client meetings over coffee, tweaking content based on the growth of the school during development and conversations about usability, launched without a hitch.

The Sales Rhino

brand development, website design & development, copywriting, social media marketing, business consulting

Edward Tillman, a husband and father of two, is the owner and operator of The Tillman Agency, an insurance firm under the Nationwide flag with 2 locations in Charlotte, NC. Inspired by the Act Like a Success/Think Like a Success conference, Edward has the goal of becoming an author and public speaker. He contacted GLM to create great content, deliver it under a brand for people to connect to, and have a solid digital headquarters where he can be found and where he can drive a growing audience to from anywhere in the world. Go Left Marketing created a bold, content rich website that highlight Edward’s financial and sales experience in real situations as well as host various podcast productions, include 2 minute videos known as Rhino Rants, and grow his brand into a strong, deeply honest and sometimes brash sales coach.

After months of working with Edward on content creation, marketing consulting, market research and several bottles of wine, we established a brand that fits Edward’s vision perfectly, professionally designed collateral, a sleek website that will grow with his brand and we all lived happily ever after.

Leigh Moore

website design & development, IDX integration, logo design

Leigh Moore is a top Realtor with Allen Tate Realtors based out of the prestigious Southpark office. She started her real estate career in Houston, TX in 2009 and made her way to Charlotte in 2013. It has taken a couple years but now Leigh has started to gain traction and had a solid 2014 with over $5 million in volume and a fantastic average sales price of $625,000. While she has clearly positioned herself as a luxury broker, she takes the time to show rentals to prospects and admittedly loves to work with first time homebuyers. She is on pace to match her 2014 numbers, but feels that to get past her current plateau, she is going to need her marketing systems to be integrated – and it all begins with a strong digital presence and personal branding.

With that in mind, Go Left Marketing created a usable website with rich content that integrates IDX functionality and updated her company logo and color palette. Leigh’s postcards and business cards were also redesigned to match brand consistency across the board. Now Leigh has a strong luxury Realtor presence in the Charlotte real estate market as well.

Janet Sweeney

website design & development, logo design, IDX integration

Janet Sweeney, a real estate professional based out of the Fort Mill, SC area, was ready to take her business to the next level. Currently she has two websites, neither has any personal branding in place, nor are they generating any leads. It was time to develop a fully loaded real estate website complete with an IDX solution and new logo. Go Left Marketing created a user-friendly property search website with rich content that integrates IDX functionality and update the company logo and color palette.

Go Left Marketing designed a responsive website complete with content highlighting her qualifications and integrated an IDX solution. Now Janet Sweeney’s website has a cohesive color palette and can begin to generate leads and appeal to listing clients.

Ashley McNulty

website design & development, logo design, IDX integration

Ashley McNulty is a top realtor based out of Fort Mill, SC. She is part of the team at Phoenix Realty and was looking to capitalize on the the momentum of her growing influence in her market by establishing a personal brand and leveraging that brand with a solid digital presence – mainly a full featured agent website. Keeping Ashley’s desire for clean and modern design, Go Left Marketing began designing a high end real estate website complete with impactful photography and unique content.

The chosen color palette accents flat logo design. The simplified website navigation, IDX integration with careful use of white space and inclusion of multiple market reports completes the beautiful real estate website.

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