Earlier this year, based on Brian Watson’s work at Adobe and his career, he wrote Is Time Really the Problem? Break the Bottlenecks in Content Production to challenge readers to discover and address the real hurdle in their content production cycle.

Breaking Content Marketing Constraints – A Small-Business Case Study

One particular reader’s comment ended up challenging Brian. It came from Michael Aldea, president of Go Left Marketing: “Fantastic post … so, what happens when you look at your systems and find out YOU are the bottleneck. For smaller companies like mine, creating content is a matter of sheer workload spread over just a few. Any suggestions for this?”

breaking-marketing-constraints-small-business-cover-390x215Being the curious and creative thinker that Brian is, he had to know. So he contacted Michael and they explored the idea of breaking his content marketing constraints over four meetings in four months.

Read Brian Watson’s complete write up on the Content Marketing Institute’s website here:


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