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left quotation marksA brand identity is a lot more complex than what you feel or have done, it is in fact how you think!

Dany Lennon, Founder/President, The Creative Register

Branding is about experience. What do people see when they see, meet or work with you? It’s our job to learn about you, your business, your company, your culture, and your goals. Then we help you develop a look, feel, and promise that resonates with your perfect client.

We Take Your Character and Bare It For the World to See

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Our team of creatives is fired up, fully caffeinated and ready to work on your creative needs


Establish Brand Identity

Vision Statement
Mission Statement
Brand Essence
Brand Personality
Value Proposition

Translate Brand to Market

Define & Design Deliverables
Define Goals of Deliverables
Establish Buyer Personas
Develop Brand Message

 Brand Management

Future Buyer Personas
Brand Differentiation
Brand Refresh
Monitor Brand Position

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Recent Work

What happens when coffee, communication and creativity are combined.

The Importance of Branding and Emotion in B2B Marketing

This slide deck explains everything you need to know about why branding is so important for your business.

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