When Is the Best Time and Day To Run Facebook Ads?

In order to find out the best time and day to run Facebook ads largely depends on how your audience interacts with your page. It’s not as mysterious as a mythical creature. Or as difficult as putting the toothpaste back into the tube. In fact, Facebook does a great job at determining peak times to fetch your ad in your audience’s newsfeed. However, it is still up to you to determine the schedule for when your ads will run. For instance, you can schedule it to start on Monday at 5:30pm and end on Wednesday at 4:45pm. So how do you figure out how your audience interacts with your page? Answer: Check insights to learn what people nearby your business are doing on Facebook, as well as reviewing your post interactions.

Here are some screenshots of one of our client’s page insights that show you how to access your page’s insights and learn more about how your audience is engaging with your page. Getting familiar with this tool will help you optimize your ads and grow your business through FB advertising. To learn more in-depth about the best time and day to run ads we recommend reading this great article found at https://instapage.com/blog/best-time-to-run-facebook-ads.

Click on your business page. Then click “Insights”.


In the Insights settings, to the left, click “Local”.

In this section you can determine the busiest times and best day of the week that people near your business are on Facebook. This is really good information if you want to run a local awareness ad that promotes traffic to your establishment.

Learn more about local awareness ads in this Facebook article – https://www.facebook.com/business/a/local-awareness-ads.

best time and day to run facebook ads screenshot

Still in Insights, click “Posts”.

This section gives you more detail about when your fans are online, as well as the best times they are browsing through their Facebook feed. It’s a great tool to use when determining the best time and day to fetch your ads to them! In the screenshot below, you can see the amount of our client’s fans are on Facebook steadily throughout the week. But from midnight to 6am the traffic falls off. It picks back up after 6am, with peak time being around 9pm. Then it falls off again after 9pm.

This traffic is different for every page. It really depends on your audience. We have clients who have complete night owls as followers. Their peak hours are from 6pm – 2am. When determining the best time and day to run Facebook ads, the key is to really familiarize yourself with your page’s insights! Learn from what your audience is doing – then schedule your ads accordingly.

how to determine the best time and day to run facebook ads

Staying in the Posts section, scroll down where you will see “All Posts Published”.

This section is where you learn which posts got the most engagement on your page. Clearly, when it comes to engagement, some days are better than others. It also depends on what you’re posting, and if you’re posting too often or not often enough. The point is, this section can be a great tool in helping to narrow down the days and times your audience is not only online, but actively engaging with your content. You can see below there are two recents posts that got much more engagement than the rest.

Those posts were on Friday at 2:40pm and Saturday at 9:30am. Both are great times and days to post on Facebook. With this information, you could test an ad to run from Friday at 1:00pm to Saturday at 11:00am.

how to determine the best time and day to run facebook ads

What have you found that works with Facebook advertising? We would love to hear your success stories in the comments below!

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