Susan Aldea

Founder & CEO


 When helping our clients I have found the best way to achieve total success and happiness is communicating expectations and sharing funny cat videos.

Her Story

written by Michael Aldea

A self-taught designer and developer, while Susan has roots in the northeast, she’s a self-confessed southern girl at heart. Susan Aldea cut her marketing teeth in real estate development as a Marketing Assistant for the nationally recognized Hampton Lake community. While at Hampton Lake, her appreciation of design, the design process, and the impact an outside agency could make on a client grew to the point where she then began thinking of opening her own marketing shop.

In late 2012 her thoughts became a reality and Go Left Marketing was created. With just Susan at the helm, GLM started with a couple clients. She designed, developed, strategized, and managed every project that came in. This gave her an opportunity to realize her strengths, weaknesses, likes, and dislikes, but it also affirmed her decision to started her own company. Susan simply loves creating something that will help others personally and professionally. This comes out in everything she designs and her interaction with her clients.

Susan has a heart for anything with four legs, watches her fair share of reality TV, and is devoted to her family (immediate and extended). Her passions outside of work & family are shopping at her favorite thrift shops and wines of any kind – although she is a sucker for a good pinot noir. To work with Susan is to find a new friend. She cares deeply about providing an experience and a final product that her clients will find value in and care about, too. To find out more about Susan, find her on your favorite social network. Ask her questions, share a quirky photo, and prepare to have your day be made just a bit brighter.

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