Michael Aldea

President/Director of Business Development



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Being found and getting noticed in today’s world isn’t and shouldn’t be about making noise, it’s about adding value to people’s lives.

His Story

written by Susan Aldea

A graduate of Auburn and die-hard Tigers fan, Michael’s technical foundation for how “things worked” began in his early college years. Using his degree in Exercise Science, Michael’s fascination for learning about how to help people grew into a career in physical therapy. He has always been determined to helping make people better physically, emotionally and professionally. Wanting his teacher’s heart to be utilized in every possible way, Michael returned to the college world and earned his MBA at The Citadel. This step in his journey led him on the path to become a golf pro, realtor and eventual marketing director. From the fitness industry, to the golf industry, and then the director of marketing for two major real estate companies, Michael learned an important thing that he was reluctant to – how to influence. He learned how to influence by first earning trust, then educating, delivering results, and helping others to achieve their goals.

This life lesson has been at the forefront of what he does at GLM, and what he continues to do with anyone that he meets in life. Michael is the type of person that is not afraid to try something new, wants to set trends, asks tough questions and is genuinely interested in why people do the things they do. He enjoys technology, teaching, leading and influencing those around him in a positive and helpful way. His ambition for learning and helping is something that attracts many small business owners, influencers and friends to his corner, and keeps them there.

There aren’t enough Michaels in this world, that’s for sure. In his spare time Michael Aldea enjoys writing as a contributor to Inman News and listening to podcasts about entrepreneurship, inbound marketing and business management. His passions outside of work & family are crossfit, playing golf and reading books – a few of his favorites being Tim Tebow’s Through My Eyes, The Five Languages of Love and The 4 Hour Work Week.

To find out more about Michael, find him on your favorite social network. Start a conversation with him, share a funny story, and prepare to learn something to make your day a bit easier.


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