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Coffee enthusiasts. Kung Fu movie buffs. Parents. Thinkers. Cat lovers. Panthers fans. Photography researchers. Avid readers. Business owner helpers. Learners. Funny meme lovers. Cat fail video watchers. Dark chocolate consumers. Some more things ending in “ers”.

A Digital Agency

We believe in operating as a startup company. Paperless, in the cloud and utilizing technology in every possible way.

Passionate and Driven

We do this because we love it, because we enjoy creating something spectacular for our clients and because we are passionate about great marketing.


Problem Solvers

There isn’t a business problem that cannot be solved with a little thought, effort and technology. That’s where we come in.

Customer Support

We are there for you as actual humans; not robots, not a 1-800 number. We give out our personal cell phone numbers and offer unconditional support.

In The Beginning

Go Left Marketing was started in a small Charlotte apartment by two lovebirds who used plastic folding tables as desks. They wanted to take Realtors out of the real estate stone age by designing responsive websites and introducing them to the wonderful world of inbound marketing. And they wanted to do it with coffee and software that was affordable and easy to use.

Our Purpose

Go Left Marketing was created with one sole purpose: to fill an overpowering gap in providing personalized marketing services for small business owners that were too busy to do it themselves, or just didn’t know how to altogether. We knew the way inbound marketing and web design was being implemented was changing, fast – and businesses couldn’t keep up. This demand led to the vision for an all encompassing web design, branding and inbound marketing experience.

Our Mission

To act in the best interests of our clients to improve, create and maintain their overall marketing footprint.

Our Vision

To be a truly purposeful brand and offer value to everyone we meet along the way.

Our Culture

Where challenges are seen as opportunities

Our small yet eerily productive team believes in thinking outside the box. And we’ll encourage you to push the envelope in your space and get out of your comfort zone as well. We really enjoy working with small to mid-size businesses who appreciate a good joke, don’t take themselves too seriously and are open to new and innovative marketing ideas. We take great pride in our work, our service and our clients. Through God’s will, we are knee-deep in the process of surrounding ourselves with a team of quirky, well-rounded creatives who must, and we mean absolutely must, enjoy coffee. That’s kind of a deal breaker.

Funky Tee Shirts. Yoga Pants. Flip Flops. Good-looking Tie. Early Mornings. Short Walks. Podcasts. Technology.

Meet Your Marketing Baristas

Susan Aldea
Founder & CEO

A self-taught designer and developer, while Susan has roots in the northeast, she’s a self-confessed southern girl at heart. Susan cut her marketing teeth in real estate development as a Marketing Assistant for the nationally recognized Hampton Lake community. While at Hampton Lake her appreciation of design, the design process, and the impact an outside agency could make on a client grew to the point where she then began thinking of…Read More

Michael Aldea
President & Director of Business Development

A graduate of Auburn and die-hard Tigers fan, Michael’s technical foundation for how “things worked” all began in his early college years. Using his degree in Exercise Science, Michael’s fascination for learning about how people worked grew into a career in physical therapy. He has always been determined to helping make people better physically, emotionally and professionally. Wanting his teacher’s heart to be utilized in…Read More

Liz R.
Project Manager

The Scapegoat

Jared W.

Jared W.
Web Developer/Graphic Designer

kathryn castle copywriter go left marketing

Kathryn C.

Jewel A.

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