A Little Patience Can Be Hard To Find

If a “watched pot never boils” is something you struggle with, come on in, the water is warm, and continues to stay warm.

Patience was never something I was good with. Combine that with what could be the worst sense of timing in the history of the world and it is a recipe for disaster.
I can remember a time when I was in the eighth grade. It was science class and I was a cocky student— I knew I had aced our most recent test. So I sat there and bugged my teacher over and over again about our tests because I wanted to see my perfect score.

She begrudgingly gave in and announced that in fact everyone had made a perfect score — except for one person. I looked around the room for the poor schmuck who couldn’t keep up with the rest of the class (did I mention that on top of being cocky I was a bit of a jerk too?). My science teacher walked slowly over to my row and I was still so busy looking for the culprit that I didn’t see her lay my test on my desk. It was the only one she gave back. The whole class looked at me — and I dropped my eyes to my test.

A red “98″ was at the top. I had been in such a rush to finish that I forgot to write my name, the source of the 2 point penalty.

I am approaching 90 days of writing and while I haven’t hit every day, it has been a consistent thing. Some days it flows easily. Other days it is a chore that I get through the best that I can. But I ask myself “when am I going to get great at this?” I think about guys like Seth Godin and the guys at CopyBlogger — these guys have been pumping out great content for years and my writing is still being measured in days — weeks if you want to be nice.

A bit of patience would go a long ways right now — both in my writing and in my businesses. Can I draw upon the few times in my past when I let things fall into place? Are we allowed to borrow someone else’s? If you have some extra lying around, I promise, I’ll give it back as soon as I’m finished with it.

Is patience a discipline? Is it a true sign of emotional maturity? Does it come when you gain control of your thoughts?

I’m turning over in my mind every rock, looking for a bit of patience — I don’t need much but I NEED IT NOW! I suppose I need to turn over more rocks…

michael aldea go left marketing imageJan Michael Aldea is a jack of all trades finally making good at being well rounded. His background in marketing, consulting, business coaching & training, real estate, fitness, parenthood, marriage, and life makes Michael ill equipped to be in a cubicle, but very equipped to help transform people and companies one (sometimes humorously awkward) step at a time. He is the president and director of business development for Go Left Marketing based out of Charlotte, NC.

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