Marketing isn’t just companies and their products.  In a noisy world, people are craving connection and the way you can build an audience and connect with people is to market yourself correctly.  Here are 7 ways to market yourself better and connect with those you can help the most.

7 Ways to Market Yourself Better


Share Relevant Content

You’ve seen us talk about content creation before and we will continue to drill this tactic into our reader’s and clients’ heads. It’s an absolute necessary step in marketing yourself because it creates credibility to prospects, clients and potential business partners. The more they continue to see you and recognize your name, the better.

Engage With Online Forums

Comment, engage, speak up on a topic that you are the master in. It works. Trust us. Our President (who is also my wonderful husband), Michael Aldea, grew  our sphere of influence by 25% in the last 4 months just by engaging with Linkedin groups, commenting on Inman News posts and reaching out to like-minded business associates. We’ve had many cups of coffee with talented CEOs such as Randy Johnson, CEO of The Sales VP and Gary Preston, CEO of Preston & Partners, and continue to grow our company organically, all through getting social in these valuable platforms.

Have a Personal Connection With Your Clients

Although sometimes this may be difficult, it will be beneficial in the long run. Being busy is no excuse. With today’s technology, following up with those contacts who trusted you enough to do business is non-negotiable. And I’m not talking the same Christmas card you send to everyone else (more on that later) – I’m talking about intentionally connecting with them and remaining relevant to them, by making them relevant to you. For more tips about growing a personal connection with your clients please read this blog post about how to improve your follow ups.

Marketing Does Just About Everything

Remember that it’s marketing that defines the distinctive features and benefits of the product or service, marketing sets the price, it’s marketing that communicates those features and benefits to the appropriate audience, and it’s marketing that delivers the goods to the consumer.

Always Have a Plan or Objective

Just like a job-seeker without a plan will not optimize his/her job search, an entrepreneur without a marketing plan or vision is destined to achieve poor results. Be smart, be patient, and take some time to really figure out what you want to say, how you want to say it and what you want people to feel when they hear it. Even if it is just a skeleton of a plan until you get far enough along to put some meat on its bones, it is better than walking completely blind on a tightrope; because that’s exactly how it feels.

Know Your Market’s Trends

Make sure you uncover and comprehend the trends in your career field as well as gather detailed information about the companies you would like to work for.  Being able to see and even anticipate trends in your industry will position you as thought leader and an authority.

Follow the 4 P’s of Marketing

When in doubt, don’t forget these 4 simple rules about marketing yourself and your business:


You are the product. You need to examine what characteristics, features, and skills make you unique – and stand out among competing job searchers — in the eyes of prospects.
As it relates to prospect cultivating, it includes website, blogging, podcasts, white papers, business cards, phone calls, and social media advertising.
Consists of a “set of individuals” who will help you distribute your product (you) to the consumer (the prospects).
From a marketing perspective, it’s the determination of the perceived value of items and services within your exchange/transaction.

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