A lot has changed in the web design industry, especially in the past 3 – 5 years, providing many an opportunity for your website to be out of date if it was designed before 2012. What is considered industry standard now was hardly a priority 5 years ago. I remember doing website analytics for a previous employer and witnessed the PC to mobile viewing trend happen firsthand. Even then I was aware that our website was not easily viewed on a mobile device and saw the need for a redesign. Problem was we had just spent thousands of dollars redesigning the website and not once was “responsive” or “mobile friendly” brought up by our web developers. That was in 2009(ish) and their website was finally redesigned with a mobile-friendly interface in 2015. How does your website stack up? Here are 5 ways your website may be out of date if it was designed a few years ago.

5 Ways You Have an Out of Date Website If It Was Designed A Few Years Ago


You Have No Social Media Links/Icons on Your Website

social media follow icons

Most every website you see nowadays include visible social media icons in the header, footer and sidebar widgets of their pages. However you may also notice that older, dated websites do not. Even though Facebook recently celebrated its 10th birthday and Twitter its 9th, it took some time for web developers to begin integrating these powerful social media tools with website design. Platforms such as WordPress and Squarespace now include simple social icon integration within each theme and developers drop custom css into the footers of websites in their sleep. If your website was designed in the early 2000s, chances are your social widgets and icons are lacking.

There are several WordPress plugins that can help you accomplish this:

Social Media Feather
Ultimate Social Media Share and Icons
Or Find 20 Awesome Social Media Plugins From this Blog Post


Your Visitors Can’t Easily Find You Because You Don’t Have Google Map Integration

hands painted as a map

It drives me nuts when I click on a website’s contact page and there is only a phone number, address and contact form. Chances are if your website is just 3 years old you don’t have one, either. I can not imagine driving around Charlotte without Google Maps and their step-by-step instructions of where to go. Any visitor on your website should be able to click on your contact page and view where you are located by displaying a pretty Google Map right there. Most themes come with Google Map integration or you can have your web developer customize your contact page with some simple html code.

There are also several WordPress plugins that accomplish this:

Comprehensive Google Map Plugin
WP Google Maps
WP Google Map Plugin
Advanced Google Map Plugin


Out of Date Contact Information

red rotary phone

Have you moved in the last couple of years? Did your cell phone number change recently? Have you added a few new team members and, whoops, you forgot to add their contact info on your website? Trust me, this happens way more often than you may think. Business owners juggle many plates at one time, so it’s no wonder the thought of making sure all of the contact information on your website is correct just wasn’t on your radar. Email addresses change, phone numbers do as well. So if it’s been a couple years since your website launched, make sure to check all this stuff and verify it’s all correct.


Your Site isn’t responsive (mobile friendly)

man on mobile device wood background

This one is our favorite. You know what I’m talking about. You visit a website on your cell phone and a-ha, you have to zoom in to click on the menu items, the text is so small so you have to zoom in even more, or maybe the text is all the way over to the right, pushing the entire layout of the website that way as well. It is the fastest way to lose visitors on your website, and when it comes to search rankings, Google is now bumping non-responsive websites to the back of the line. If your website was designed even 3 years ago you have a very high chance of it being non-responsive; it’s the #1 thing that is hurting your web traffic and increasing your bounce rate. Do yourself and your business a favor and fix this immediately.


Your About Page Has Outdated Bio Information

boy sitting in chair at desk

Yay, the page where visitors can read what your name is and discover what separates you from the competition. It’s where I personally want to be WOWED. It is also the page that should be updated frequently with revised bio copy and images. After all, you as a person are always being shaped into a newer, better version of who you were 3 years ago, right? You may have become certified in a service or trade, received a few industry awards along the way or perhaps your headshot hair just didn’t carry over into 2015 like you thought it would. What ever the case may be, don’t forget to give your website bio a little TLC every once in a while.

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