As a Realtor or business owner, a Facebook page is considered important to have as another platform to reach your audience. It can also be a great source to get new customers, readers and clients. If you are looking for ways to improve your engagement with other Facebook pages then you’ll want to read the article below.

I think it’s safe to say that Facebook has become a pay to play business, where pages are now forced to boost posts just to reach more of their audience. Facebook uses EdgeRank to determine what your audience should see in their news feed. So you could be excited about a new service or product and post about it, but only %10 of fans might see it in their news feed. To get more people to view it, you are now given the option to promote it.

This is one of the reasons why Go Left Marketing doesn’t have thousands of “Likes”. Unless we are marketing an inbound marketing campaign, we rarely advertise on Facebook. Most of the time, we use Facebook organically. Most of our Likes are organic and come from direct interaction with us or word-of-mouth. I think it’s important to mention that we spread our time and efforts into many different social media outlets such as, our Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn.

5 Ways to Improve Your Engagement With Other Facebook Pages


Stop Self-Promoting

(including links) your page on another page’s wall. Especially if they are made without any contribution to the community you are posting on.

Like Comments You Agree With

Keep replies short and sweet, such as “ great idea” or “I love it!”.

Reply to Comments with Your Thoughts and Suggestions

This keeps the dialogue open and introduces you as a person that is relevant within your industry.

Have a Plan to Target Certain Pages

Whether they be industry-related or geo-targeted. Once you’ve finalized a strategy, stick to it and begin finding pages using Facebook’s search filters.

Be Consistent

Be consistent with liking and commenting page posts and images. This will help grow your relationship and built trust with other pages.

Share, Share, Share

Share posts from other pages that are in line with your audience as well. Businesses love that.

Bonus: 4 Did You Know Facts

You can “like” other Facebook pages as the company, not as yourself. Pages that your Facebook page “likes” will be displayed randomly (5 of them) in the left rail of your Facebook page, with the ability to View All.

You can comment on your own wall and other walls as the company, not as yourself. For example, Go Left Marketing can comment on a client’s wall, even though it’s me, Susan Aldea, who would be authoring the post.

You can view a newsfeed of updates from the pages that your company likes, not your friends. For example, Go Left Marketing has “liked” the Facebook pages of our clients. When I’m on Facebook as the Go Left Marketing page, when I press Home, my stream is from other company pages, not the friends and family of Susan Aldea.

When I’m online as a page, Facebook recommends other pages for me to like as a company, based on the “likes” of the fans of my fan page. For example, Facebook tells me that 56 of Go Left Marketing Facebook fans like and gives me the option to “like” right from the Go Left Marketing fan page homepage.

How to Like a Facebook Business Page as Your Page

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