5 Tips for Real Estate Postcard Marketing

While they might not be sexy or cutting-edge, real estate postcards have stood the test of time. There’s a very good reason for this: they consistently deliver great results. This isn’t surprising, either. When you send out real estate postcards, it’s easy to target your preferred demographic. You’ll also get to showcase your marketing skills, which is sure to go down well with potential sellers.

And, you know what? They’re not even that expensive to make. Ready to try them out?

Here are 5 tips to maximize the returns on your real estate postcard marketing.

1. The 40/40/20 Rule

When it comes to sending out postcards by direct mail, there’s one rule you need to follow above all else. It’s called the 40/40/20 rule. Put simply, the 40/40/20 rule states that the success of your campaign depends 40% on the quality of your offer, 40% on your audience and 20% on everything else. This is great news.

While it’s impossible to control every possible variable that could have an effect on your campaign, the quality of your offer and your audience are very much within your control. Get them right, and your postcard marketing efforts have an 80% chance of success. Neat, huh?

Here’s how to do it:

Ask yourself: Would I Buy This?

At the risk of stating the obvious, all the postcards in the world won’t make a difference without an enticing offer.

Thankfully, finding out whether your offer is high-quality enough is very easy. Look at it from the customer’s point of view. What’s in it for them? Or, even better, ask yourself: Would I be interested? If you have a hard time answering, you may need to re-think your offer or at least fine-tune it.

Know Your Mailing List

A high-quality offer on its own isn’t enough. It also has to be relevant to the people you’re mailing it to. You might have an amazing deal on starter homes, but if your mailing list is made up of baby boomers chances are they won’t be interested.

2. Understand What You’re Up Against

While real estate postcards can be really effective at getting you noticed, they can also be easily ignored. Never assume your real estate postcard is the only mail a person will receive. In fact, on any given day, chances are they’ll receive several marketing materials.

Unfortunately, the more material in a mailbox, the harder it is for your postcard to stand out or even get noticed. Which is why you need to approach your postcard marketing strategically.

Knowing what you’re up against is invaluable, because it eliminates the guesswork from how to make your materials stand out.

It’s a good idea to conduct an informal review of an area before even designing your postcards. Find out everything you can about what other marketing materials people receive:

  • What do they look like?
  • Are they in full color or black and white?
  • What’s their average size?
  • Do they come in special shapes or textures?

The answers to these questions can help you choose a design that has a better chance of standing out.

3. Make Your Copy And Design Work Together

In order to deliver your message effectively, your copy should work with the visual aspect of your postcard.

Many successful real estate postcards all broadly follow the same formula:

  1. the agent’s head shot on both sides of the postcard;
  2. pictures of properties for sale;
  3. a message that’s specifically crafted to resonate with the target market; and
  4. a strong call to action

Remember to use bold headlines and to break up the copy in a way that makes the most important information eye-catching and instantly visible. The easier it is for a person to understand your offer, the faster they can determine whether they’re interested and the likelier they are to get in touch.

4. Stick With It

Persistence is key when it comes to real estate postcard marketing. Give up too early, and you’re unlikely to see results. Stick with it, and the magic WILL start to happen.  

Keep in mind that buying property is a big deal for most people; which means they need to take their time before coming to a decision. Unsurprisingly, the AA-ISP found that a massive 81% of sales are closed only after the fifth contact.

Aim to send nine to twelve postcards to your target market. Per year. That way, you’ll maximize your chances of getting positive results.  

5. Track And Measure Your Results

You’d be surprised at how much the little things matter when you’re running a marketing campaign. One small change – even a single word – can greatly increase your success rate or completely derail your campaign.

For this reason, it’s extremely important to keep track of campaign data and to measure your results. This allows you to continually optimize your campaign and to set yourself up for long-term success.

Here are three ways to do this:

  1. Test different versions of a postcard to see which one performs better, BEFORE you settle on a final design.
  2. Track the response rate for each and every postcard you send out.
  3. Measure both immediate AND long-term results. That way you’ll get an idea of whether – and if so, how many –  prospective buyers keep your postcards for future use.

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