Sometimes marketing real estate listings and branding yourself can be very difficult, frustrating and time-consuming, especially if you are just starting out and haven’t built up that pipeline quite yet. Realtors are some of the best marketers in an offline person-to-person environment. You’re incredibly brilliant at getting to know your clients on a very personal level, getting involved in your community, and connecting with your local market. Here are a few tips to help you through this process.

5 Tips on Marketing Real Estate Listings


Get on Social Media and Post about Lifestyle

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Don’t just post the typical home for sale front elevation shot with details about the listing. Instead, show off the listings’ neighborhood and it’s attractive lifestyle on Facebook, Twitter and don’t forget Google Plus (great for SEO juice). This takes care of two important real estate marketing needs; it markets the area to prospective residents, and it also shows your passion and knowledge of where you are selling homes.

For example, If there is a new community centre being built, post about it, and express the merits and how it will make the lifestyle better for new (and existing) residents. After all it’s the lifestyle buyers end up falling in love with, right?


Create a Target For Your Business

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Instead of casting a wide net to try and catch as many fish as possible, try narrowing your focus so you can target your demographic. We recommend choosing specific communities or a region of the city you live in. Sometimes less is more and in this case it can assist you in saturating that particular market as well as branding yourself as the expert in that particular area of the city/town.


Build a Dedicated Website or Landing Page

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When we say “dedicated website” we are referring to a web address specifically designed for the property. This can also be achieved by designing a landing page for each listing. Most agents will list the home on MLS and their company website but few agents have the ability or desire to create a specific website with a vanity URL just for your property (for example Creating a dedicated website or landing page in addition to posting to MLS also helps you track visitors to see if your marketing is working and gives you complete control over design and listing details.

Shocking enough, most real estate agents are not designers and their websites usually look like they came out the internet 2001 era. I’m not saying the website needs to be designed by a graphic artist – but a basic industry-standards appearance shows your buyer you are offering a quality product. The most important tips we recommend are having a responsive website, consistent use of font and font sizes and stay away from sale-sy text and bright blinking lights, etc. You get the point.


WordPress is our go-to platform. You can find a simple theme and either download your idx providers plugin (if they allow client’s subdomains to use their IDX) and import the feed directly or you can enter the features and images manually. Get your process down and after your third dedicated site it becomes much easier to create…


Try Professional Staging

couch and plant on wood floor

If you don’t have staging furniture of your own or don’t sell enough property to make it a worthwhile investment, consider renting furniture from a “rent to own” furniture company like Aarons. Rentals can be as low as $110 per month – which included delivery and pickup when the home sells.

Use The 5 Golden Rules For Content & Design

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If you are sending mailers such as newsletters and/or posting electronic versions on your website then you’ll want to play by 5 important rules.

  • Only Use Great Content Worth Marketing
  • Always Have Strong Subject Lines
  • Make Sure the Design is Visually Appealing
  • Always Include Your Contact & Social Information
  • Don’t Forget Strong and Clear Call-to-Actions

Do you have any tips or suggestions that we left out? Please leave them in the comments below!

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