There are two kinds of people in business. Those who say they want more leads and liars. Everyone wants more leads because leads become prospects, and prospects become sales. Period. Back in the day all you had to do was spend more money buying ad space or air time and you would get more leads. Does this still work – on some level, but only if you are willing to spend more money than your competition, in the same space, and depending on your industry, that space can be crowded. But who really wants to get into that sort of contest?

There is another way and it only works ALL the time.

What really gets potential leads interested in your company is your great content – it is your net to consistent lead generation. You can make that happen by having a sturdy and consistent flow of content. Here are the things you should know and do and it is the basis of the 5 things you can to do produce more leads.

5 Things You Can Do to Produce More Leads


Focus On Only One Aspect Of Your Business

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First of all, it is important to mention that leads come in all shapes and sizes. This means your audience can be looking for different things from the services you provide, which is why focusing on only one aspect of your business will make you invisible to some of your audience – exactly the opposite thing you want to do to produce more leads. Create content that features your services throughout all buying stages and explain how you solve the problems of your audience across the board.

TIP: Come up with a list of common questions your past and current clients always ask (or even better, forget to ask) and write down the answers to those questions. Distribute those Q & A’s via a blog, or social media (or both).


Produce Remarkable, Relevant Content

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Quality and adaptability should apply universally to everything that goes into getting that content exposure and producing more leads. For example, if you have a blog, you want to make sure the title is remarkable and that the content is relevant. Can you cite other industry blogs for content? Of course, but eventually you are going to have to let your audience know your take on the problem or issue at hand. If you have a contrarian or provocative stance on a certain issue – even better. (Just make sure you can back up your opinion with stats, facts, or experience). Next, take that content and re-purpose it into a Slideshare deck or eBook. Doing this will help your audience consume your content in the way they want to, on the device they want to – which is so important today.


Create Strong Call-to-Actions Throughout Your Content

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Producing great content is one thing, but the goal is that they are so enamored with your content that they contact you for help or more great content – this is key to producing more leads for your business. Make this as easy as possible for your audience to do. You never know what piece of content will trigger that “ah-ha” moment when they will make the decision to make you the person they trust with their business.

TIP: In the closing sentences of your content be sure to direct traffic to your personal or company social profiles. The last thing they read will be how to best contact you – which is ultimately what you want them to do.


Make Your Landing Pages Into Conversion Machines

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A landing page is ultimately there to get them to fill out contact information for you. Make a form necessary to continue to receive some of the content you are providing. This “gated content” can be given when a form is completed. But don’t always ask for their info – ask what questions they have or how you can help them better.

TIP: The absolute ultimate purpose of a landing page is to gather contact information and you need to design yours with that in mind. The trick here is a bit of a psychological one and it involves the ‘Submit’ button: Don’t label it the ‘Submit’ button. Submit brings with it negative and permanent connotations, so instead make it seem positive like ‘Get your Free Brochure Now!’


Realize Producing Leads Is a Process

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Make sure that your audience is at the forefront of designing that process. Not everyone will find you at the beginning of their search. Not everyone will need all the services you offer. If you are thoughtful in how you create and deliver your content, you will be able to attract more leads and converting more sales.

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