5 Things Every Realtor Should Have

Real estate can feel like a crowded market at times, so what can you do to give yourself the edge over your competitors?

Having been through a tough economy in recent years, the pool of homebuyers has shrunk, making sales even more of a challenge. It’s vital to put the right strategies in place if you want to position yourself as an authority in the real estate market.

We’ve put together a list of the essentials that every realtor can’t live without if they want to get ahead.

1. An Online Presence

Let’s face it, businesses need to head online if they want to survive. With most clients using the internet to find real estate services, this isn’t something any realtor can afford to neglect. If you don’t have an online presence, you’re wasting hundreds of opportunities to showcase yourself as a business and attract the clients you want.

The good news is, realtors can make connections with clients more easily than ever before by perfecting their online marketing techniques.

An online presence can involve a whole magnitude of tools which can be used to position yourself as an expert, establish trust, share knowledge, collect subscribers, showcase your voice, market your brand and create two-way connections with potential clients. These could include:

A responsive website that adapts to any device it’s viewed on (including smartphones and tablets) and is optimized to be found through search engines such as Google.
Social media marketing accounts including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest
An informative and relevant blog
Interactive forums to answer questions and make connections
Gathering and displaying online reviews and testimonials
Quality photos and videos

2. Buyer Personas

Every business should develop buyer personas – fictional representations of your target audience. This doesn’t just mean looking at your current customer base, but thinking about the characteristics of your ideal clients and what would attract them to use you over your competitors. Developing buyer personas can help focus your sales and marketing strategies. Use our handy worksheet to get you started.

3. Local Content

In real estate, great content marketing is key to attract the clients you want. You should consider what will appeal specifically to those clients in your local area. Homebuyers moving to the area will be interested in what their life will be like there. This could include things like lifestyle, education, retail, neighborhood information, and local stats. Providing content creation around these topics will introduce your real estate services to those thinking about moving to the area.

4. Brand Development

The real estate market doesn’t stay the same, and neither do businesses. With any luck, they become more successful over time, finding their voice and niche. While this is one of the great parts of running a successful business, many forget to develop their branding to reflect who they are as a business as they grow. Rebranding is one of the best things you can do as a company if you want to reflect changing trends, remain current and become a leading voice in your industry. Check out our expert advice on re-branding and why it could be the best decision you ever make.

5. Email Marketing Campaigns

Once you have subscribers, you’ll be able to send targeted email campaigns to those who have shown interest in your business. Email marketing campaigns are a fantastic digital marketing tool to send out important information to potential clients. This includes informative posts, links to your blog or social media, newsletters and other information which will establish you as a professional and legitimate business.

We’ve told you the what, but now you need to know the how. Everything on our list is designed to make life easier for you as a realtor and open the way you connect with potential clients. Here at Go Left Marketing, we specialize in creating sound digital marketing strategies through a growth-driven design approach. This includes creating an online presence that really resonates with the clients you want to attract. We also cover support with your branding, inbound marketing, web design and marketing automation. Understanding the latest tools and trends in digital marketing, we work with you to create the ideal strategies for your business.

susan aldea go left marketingSusan Aldea spent the first half of her working years in customer service for multiple industries including food and beverage, apparel and cinnabons (mmm). At that point it was all about optimal product positioning and carrying a smile even if she was exhausted from school. The second half of Susan’s career was entrenched in the anatomy of a multimillion dollar real estate development, optimizing a large real estate database and assisting Realtors with a multitude of real estate marketing campaigns. Even though she prefers to stay behind-the-curtain, her presence is always known and felt around the office.

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