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A failure to plan is a plan to fail

This is such a true quote when it comes to designing or budgeting your  website. Even for a small business a lot goes into creating and redesigning a website. Even if you are on a tight budget it’s possible to get a quality website if you focus your time and energy on the most important aspects of your site.

5 Smart Things to Consider When Budgeting Your Website Redesign


Content is King

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Why bother creating a site if it’s empty. The content is what is going to get your customers to learn more about you and it’s your chance to grab potential customers’ interest. Your landing page should have an exciting headline and contain key information about who you are and what you do. The Home, About Us and Contact page are the bare minimum of content required. Every section should have compelling copy that informs the audience about something different and intriguing regarding your business. If you are confident enough in your writing skills then that will eliminate the cost of a copywriter, but remember writing for the web is different than technical and other forms of writing.


Grab Them With Visuals

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Pictures are honestly part of content, and people respond to pictures quicker than words. That’s why it’s important to have relevant images on your website. If you have good quality pictures you’ve taken yourself you can use, that will help cut cost. There are also some great and affordable, if not free, stock image websites available. Adding a video can also enhance your website. Did you speak at a seminar about your business? Put it on your website. No one is going to give your website a second glance if it’s all text.


Link, Link, Link

Do you have a Twitter account, a Facebook page, or a blog? If the answer is yes to any of those, then link to those pages on your website. Also, it’s a great idea to link directions to your business directly from your web page. It’s a quick and easy step to create links to other pages and will keep people engaged longer.


Optimize for the Small Screen

mobile website display vs. traditional display

mobile website display vs. traditional display

It’s a fact people surf the web on their smartphones and tablet just as much as their laptop or desktop computers. Your potential customers might find you first via their phone, so it’s vital that you have a website that is at least mobile friendly. That includes clickable contact info, so they just push your number to call your business. You really should take it a step further with a mobile optimized site or a responsive design site. Mobile Optimized site reformats the content and visuals depending on the device while responsive design keeps content and visuals the same but automatically orients itself to best fit the device. This allows content to be easily readable across all platforms.


Don’t Forget Maintenance

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Definitely keep in mind how much maintaining your website will cost to budget accordingly, because that is one fee that won’t go away.

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