I’ve heard Guy Kawasaki say on multiple occasions that there are two kinds of people on social media – those who say they want more followers and liars.  Face it, we all want more followers.  Who doesn’t like seeing a post get “liked”, a tweet “favorited”, and picture get a “+1”.  Studies have shown that when we see these things on social media there is a release of dopamine which actually makes seeing activity on our social media accounts addictive.  Besides being addictive (sorry for the tangent), building your social media presence can also mean you’re building your audience, which in turn is a really, really good thing – especially if your goal is to sell something like a product or service.

There are a lot of ways to build your audience on social media – many of them can cost a lot of money. There are a lot of companies out there that claim they can get you 10,000 followers is you’re willing to pay for them.  I’m not here to say whether or not that is the right way of going about increasing your social media presence, but I do want to go over 4 ways you can increase the size of your social media audience for free.  Yes – free, sorta.

4 Free Ways to Increase Social Media Presence


Quit Posting So Much About Yourself

If all you have is five minutes, then skip the rest of this blog and watch the bit below featuring Brian Regan and the “me monster”.

No one likes a me monster.  In fact, I’ve seen blow back on what has been coined social media’s new selfie – the humblebrag.  It boils down to the nauseating feeling you get when someone is online and all they talk about, comment about, or brag about is themselves.  Instead of attracting people to you, it’s actually repelling people from you.  Do you want to increase your social media presence?  Keep posts about you to a minimum – find people in your network to brag about.  Which brings me to my second point.


Get Social and Engage With Like Minded People

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On of the greatest fulcrums in social media are groups (lists, communities, etc.).  Finding groups on a social network may be the easiest way to grow your audience and your influence.  But don’t just barge into a group and spam them (yes, there are other forms of spam that don’t involved email).  If your goal is to find possible leads and prospects, join (or start) a group that is made up of people who could possible need your service.   Then “listen”.  And by listen, I mean read posts and comments – especially ones with questions that start with “How Do I…” and “I’m not sure what to do about…”.  Slowly build an audience within that group by liking other comments, encourage commenters, and once you’re ready, start commenting yourself.  You may even post a question or comment to the group – but don’t make it self serving.    Do this enough, with a high level of authenticity, and you will be amazed how your social media presence will grow – with the type of audience you are trying to build.


Share Fellow Industry Leader’s Content On Your Page

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Every industry has its luminaries.  I mentioned one in the marketing space at the opening of this post – Guy Kawasaki.   He only has 10 million followers but who’s counting right? By sharing content from really famous folks like Guy Kawasaki and Seth Godin and soon to be famous like Matt Ragland, Laura Ure, and Jennifer Snyder, I show my audience that I am staying current, have a collaborative spirit, and that I really don’t care about being right, but sharing what is right.
You see, it’s a big internet out there.  Going at it alone on social media would be like trying to boil the ocean.  But sharing great content and giving props to who created it is a great way to build credibility.

Give Away Free Advice & Tips

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This is the one that should be a no-brainer for growing your social media presence for free.  No where is the adage “give to get” more true than online.  I tell our clients to give until it hurts…literally.  Does the time and effort to curate and generate content on social media mean that your audience will find useful?  Yes.  But if your goal is to increase your social media presence, then providing a place for your audience to find free advice and tips is something you should commit to and really lean into.  If you’re in real estate, and part of the audience you’re working with is first time home buyers, then articles about securing financing, pitfalls awaiting first time home buyers, and a calculator on renting vs. buying could be part of the content you share.

TIP: If you give away enough great content, your audience will thank you by telling their friends about you.  This kind of social proof is literally priceless – it can’t be bought or faked.  And it can build the kind of audience that you want – one that is engaged.

There you go.  Four freebies that can help you grow your online presence.  There are more that aren’t mentioned above. Thanks for taking the time to read this and if there’s one you would like to share, mention it in the comment section below.

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