Years ago, just after I had finished up some post graduate work, I was hired by a real estate developer to oversee a small project in Bluffton, SC (for those of you who are as geographically challenged as I am that’s a little town on the May River that you have no choice but to drive through if you want to get to Hilton Head Island.) I was admittedly way out of my depth but I tried to learn as much as I could, as fast as I could.

4 Areas of Marketing You Need to Be Intentional About

But first, a quick story…

A restroom at the Ballantyne Hotel in Charlotte, NC

A restroom at the Ballantyne Hotel in Charlotte, NC

One of the best parts of this job was getting to know other professionals in the high end private golf club industry. They were kind enough to invite me to have lunch at places like Wexford, Colleton River Plantation, Briar’s Creek, and Cassique; and if it was possible, even play a round of golf at some of these private clubs. Thanks to some great and generous leaders, I learned a lot about the high end private golf industry in a very short amount of time.

I can remember walking through the men’s locker rooms while on tour of one of these amazing clubs with a few general managers from other clubs, and I must have had a dumb look on my face that said “this is the coolest locker room I’ve ever seen but when are we going to get to the important stuff” because our host said something that would stick with me to this day.

gray quotation marksYou can tell all you need about any club or organization by what the bathrooms/restrooms/locker rooms look like.

And he was right.

Next time you are out and about – at a restaurant, golf course, or movie theater – be mindful at what kind of attention is paid to the restroom areas. Recently I was at a networking event at the Ballantyne Hotel in Charlotte, NC and noticed how perfect the restrooms were. There wasn’t a thing out of place. There was an attention to detail that was intentional and it can make a difference in your overall experience.

What does this have to do with anything remotely related to marketing or attracting your perfect client?

There are spots in your marketing that get all your attention. The home page of your website, the front of your business cards, the font or color palette of your logo – these things are all very important.

But don’t forget the areas of your marketing that interact and connect with your audience in a more personal way. The style of your content or the photos you use can impact the way you are perceived by a visitor. If you use bad stock photography or language that is over the head of your intended audience, then you may never see them again.

Here are 4 areas of your marketing that, if given the right amount of TLC, can make a huge difference.

Your About Me Page

Don’t just throw a stale bio and the corporate headshot up there and call it a day. Be authentic and make this a page where people can get to know you a bit better.

Your Email Signature

This overlooked piece of everyone’s marketing can drive traffic to your website and social media. Just don’t fill it full of things no one cares about (like your email address….hint: they already have it). And be sure, not to send emails that remind you of of anything you see in this video.

Your LinkedIn Profile

I know, I know – this probably isn’t even part of your marketing strategy, but people will look you up there – make sure it is current and conversational.

Your Blog

If you are going to have this on your website, please make sure the last post isn’t from 16 months ago. If that’s the case, just take it off your website until you have enough content to be consistent.

Don’t forget the less prominent parts of your marketing and brand. It could mean the difference between attracting your perfect client and repelling them.

Got questions about these areas of your marketing? Let’s have a cup of coffee to discuss!

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