Marketing and especially real estate marketing isn’t about sending out a Just Listed or Just Sold Card. It’s not about sending out an email that says “Happy Easter”. And it’s certainly not about posting things on social media that make you look good. Why? Because there is just too much “noise” out there and when you get down to it people really only pay attention to things that matter to them – like them. Sure the occasional cat video and baby picture get views and is shared and commented on; this not taking a shot at the people you have in your database, it is human nature to seek out the things that matter to us.

Will your email letting your clients know they will need to turn their clocks back get opened? Maybe – along with the 20 other emails saying the same thing. So here’s how you can take the three things about real estate marketing your clients want you to know about from above – and turn them into a positive.

3 Things About Real Estate Marketing Your Client Wants You To Know

If That Postcard You Send Each Month Has Nothing to Do With Them, They are Tossing It.

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Direct mail still works but it is very inefficient. The only thing great about it (for you) is that, like email, if you have their address, they cannot stop you from sending something to them. If you are going to put something in someone’s mailbox, be sure it is distinctive – a great picture, big, bright, bold text, and something that will bring attention to it.

JUST LISTED is to the point, but safe and overplayed. How about “Check Out This Home In <Neighborhood Name> That Just Hit The Market”? If you live in that neighborhood, and you had the choice – which postcard would you look at?

TIP: The next time you do a mailing, if it is a large community, send two different cards out. Test what works for that community. And please don’t rely on the old “I get calls every time I send out a postcard”, anecdotal data. Drive people to a specific page on your website (or better yet, a custom landing page like this one) and see what happens when you send out a postcard or mailing. If nothing happens, then you need to change things up.


If That Email You Send Each Month Has Nothing to Do With Them, They Are Deleting It.

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Email marketing is crowded space, and those winning at it are being smart about it. Your emails need to be personalized – not feel like cold, mass produced marketing pieces. Most important of all, track results and behavior patterns. Don’t know how? We have state-of-the-art tech that can solve this problem for you. Contact us today at to learn more

TIP: When leveraging real estate email marketing, use their name, reference the last email you sent, give them a solution to a problem you think they may be running up against (i.e. – Give them a list of your preferred vendors that can help them prep their homes and landscaping for the spring and summer months.

BONUS TIP: Providing your clients with a list of preferred vendors is a great way to earn referral income from those service providers, click here to ask how. And just like direct mail, test what works, and keep refining your message until you find out what your audience responds to.


If the Facebook Posts That Litter Your Business Page Have Nothing To Do With Them, They Are Ignoring It.

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Success on social media has been made out to be some unicorn – something we hear about but never see or experience. A common mistake most real estate agents make is stuffing their feed with listings and overly real estate specific posts. Provide value to those who follow you on social media. Value could equal making them laugh, cry, or want to try something new – sort of sound like entertainment industry?

It should. If you can entertain your audience AND keep them updated on real estate news, trends, and how you’re providing value to your current clients, you are going to win on social media.

TIP: You get engagement on social media by being more than average, memorable, helpful and interesting.

Why? Because when someone likes something or shares they are risking their reputation on it. Next time try this one social media – ask a question. It could be something like: “What are you looking for in your real estate agent?” Need some market research – how about “When you see a Just Listed post card what will make you look it?”.

Do you need help, or just have a question about how to make your real estate marketing better?Let us know in the comments below.

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