Face it, we’re all guilty of it at some point. In people’s attempt to get the most “likes,” “shares,” or “retweets,” they make several social media faux pas. Perhaps it’s not about that at all – they just have no clue how annoying their posts are to some people (thank God for the hide feature). Here are the biggest annoying social media posts offender types.

15 Things That Make Your Annoying Social Media Posts Like Soooo Annoying


The Over sharer

Status updates are not diary entries. They should be short and say something at least semi-important. No one wants to know you haven’t pooped in a week and no one wants to see the “adorable” non-stop exchanges between you and your SO.


The Live Tweeter

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8:37 Ate a bagel with cream cheese #breakfast
8:55 Stuck in traffic on the way to work #commutingsucks

Just because you got followers, doesn’t mean they want to know every minute of your day especially if it’s mundane stuff like your daily habits. Leave the live tweeting for #TGIT and Game of Thrones.


The Angry Ranter

angry man in suite holding a banana

People have short attention spans, they won’t read your entire post if it’s longer than 3 sentences. Don’t waste time fuming with a 4-paragraph status update. It’s not like a rant about your feelings in regards to gun control, religion, or the Kardashians will change anyone’s mind.


The Whiner

You had a bad day. Guess what, so did a lot of people. Vent to your mom or your friend with an actual call instead of taking to Facebook to complain about your job or getting dumped.


The Requester

Joe N invited you to play Candy Crush Saga
Joe N invited you to play Farmville
Joe N invited you play Trivia Crack

No one likes Joe’s constant game requests. We didn’t accept it the first time, and will not accept it the twentieth. Just stop it, Joe N.


The “I Had A Baby” Sharer

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Are you kids cute? Sure. Do we want to see a picture of them on the potty? No. Do want to see 50 pictures daily of your kids? Nope. Do we want to watch a video of your kid throwing a tantrum? No, thank you. You can be a proud parent and keep the kid posts to a weekly update.


The Foodie Poster

photo courtesy of corrinrenee.com

Whether it is Facebook or Instagram, you share your breakfast, lunch, and dinner online. You fill your wall with pictures of fancy restaurant meals or recipes found on Pinterest. If you show off your healthy meals you are even worse for making others feel guilty for enjoying a bacon cheeseburger.


The Hashtag Addict

#OMG #SOANNOYING #WHY. #ThisHashTagIsLongerThanMyPost. Cluttering your message with hashtags is a distracting eyesore. Only one or at most two hashtags should be used per post. Also, hashtags should be short, 4 words max. A Hashtag purpose is to draw more attention to your post, so simple is always better. #TheTruth


The Stranger

LinkedIn is an online networking opportunity. It’s not a place to befriend strangers, go to OkCupid or Craiglist for new friends. LinkedIn is geared toward professional relationships, so getting a request from a complete stranger is alarming. Befriending strangers on Facebook is also weird. Do you really need an endorsement or like from a complete stranger?


The Generic Poster

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“Happy Thanksgiving” with a picture of a cartoon Turkey gets lost in the shuffle of everyone else’s happy holiday post. If you are going to do a holiday post, put a personal spin on it and that does not mean Instagraming your plate of food.


The Universal Poster

photo courtesy of in.socialdaily.com

You have a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram account, yippee. Why do I see the exact same post on all three? Every social media serves a different purpose to treat them the same is a disservice. Tailor each message for the medium. Even if you want to post about the same topic, you can create a different message for each medium.


The Typo Specialist

It’s not hard to spell check your post, it’s only a sentence or two. Besides one typo can change the entire meaning of your message. Typos make your message harder to read and give friends the opportunity to make fun of you.


The Googler

Notice the search bar on Facebook and Twitter is to help find friends or pages, not help you to find out “Why is my poop green?” Or, “Where is the closest Whole Foods?” Your friends don’t know that. Google gives you answers to important questions instantly. Because you can’t wait 2 minutes to know, “What is Obama’s last name?” Which brings us to…


The Idiot

Don’t be that person who posts something that makes others ashamed of the American Educational System. Sometimes it’s better to hide your stupidity than broadcast for all your friends to see. You don’t want to end up on a “Facebook Fails” blog because you don’t know that Obama’s last name is Obama.


The Too Quick to Share Big News

photo courtesy of iizt.com

I can’t think of a more upsetting way to find out that information. And I’m always able to judge who my real friends are because they call to tell me they are engaged or pregnant before finding out on Facebook. Important news for family and friends deserves a call first, Facebook second.

What are some ultra annoying social media no-nos for you?

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