When designing your brand identity, the colors you choose to represent your brand design are vital. Did you ever wonder why so many fast food logos contain the colors yellow or red? It’s because there is proof that those two colors make you hungry. Violet is normally associated with royalty and sophistication while brown is associated with nature and earth. But within the spectrum of red, yellow, violet, and brown is a whole world of colors. Try one of these vibrant alternative shades to highlight your brand.

15 Fun Colors to Consider For Your Brand Design




Red Red Wine

Crayola created 120 great colors that kids have enjoyed since the early 1900’s. One of their clever creations is Razzmatazz, a deep dark pinkish red. If you are in need of a bold bright hue this is perfect. You can’t help but smile when saying it, adding even more positive energy to your brand.

You don’t have to be a wine connoisseur to appreciate the rich hue that is red red wine. Subtly hint at the maturity and sophistication of your brand with this dark purplish red.


Mango Tango



Mango Tango is another fun color that can add sweet personality to your brand. It is also fun to say. The rich, but subtle orange, strongly depicts warmth.

The reddish orange color of Vermilion is a beautiful bright hue rooted in history. Spanish painter Francisco de Goya used it so often during the late 1700’s that people began to call the shade Goya. This bright hue will make any logo pop.


Laser Lemon


Song of Summer

There is nothing sour about Laser Lemon, a brilliant yellow. The sunny hue will add energy and joy to your brand. This shade steps up the basic yellow to add a sense of “brand” euphoria.

Song of Summer’s light tanned yellow is reminiscent of the beach and is aptly named. The subdued hue serves as a great secondary color when combined with a bolder hue.


Mermaid Net

Electric Lime


Mermaids, of folklore and Disney films have delighted the imagination of children and adults alike. Don’t think too deeply behind the meaning of Mermaid Net; it’s basically a great dark sea green color. It’s very earthy and a worthy fit for a health or natural product.

What’s a step above neon green? Electric Lime! This color screams “look at me!” It’s similar to Nickelodeon’s famous green slime, which makes this color perfect for a business targeting kids.

Verdigris sound prestigious with roots in ancient Greece, but the color is light in tone. This bright sea green can be a playful twist for your brand. It’s a versatile shade that can represent a clothing brand just as easily as a food truck.


Grandma’s Sweater


Not sure whose Grandma wore a lovely sky blue sweater but a grandmother is an expression of warmth and affection (a hug, fresh baked cookies). The comforting color of Grandma’s Sweater could be a smart choice.

Smalt, a deep dark, yet bright, blue is powerful. When pronounced it might be confused with smelt, the fish, but its uniqueness and brightness will surely make your brand stand out.




Cattleya, it’s a beautiful flower that created a beautiful lavender violet shade. This pastel hue is sweetly feminine and evokes a sense of relaxation.

Whenever I think of Plum, I think of the 1995 Movie “Angus.” The sweet story of a smart but overweight adolescent, who due to his size is forced to wear a plum suit to his semi-formal. Angus rocked that suit, and this violet shade could rock your brand.


Hugs and Kisses

Notice few logos use brown because the color doesn’t stand out well. Instead of a traditional dark earthy brown, this light tan could positively accent your brand. Hugs and Kisses, the affectionate name exudes warmth, love and care – good for baby products or pet products to name a few.

What are your favorite colors to use for branding and design? Leave your comment below.

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